My name is Rose Manette, and I'm reaching out with a plea for help for my son, Kenley. We are a family of believers from ICOC Church in Haiti, who recently fled Port-au-Prince due to gang violence, leaving everything behind. Kenley, our two-year-old son, has been struggling with an umbilical hernia since he was a baby. Unfortunately, due to the recent gang violence and our limited income, we haven't been able to get him the medical care he needs. The hernia is growing and becoming more visible, and I'm deeply worried about potential complications if he doesn't receive surgery soon.

My husband and I work hard, but we simply don't have the resources to cover hospitalization and other medical expenses. With a heavy heart, I humbly request your assistance. Any support you can offer would be a life-changing blessing for Kenley, allowing him to receive the surgery he needs and live a healthy, normal life. Thank you for your time and consideration. May God bless you.

Request $1,000

My name is Adonis Abalayan, and I am 38 years old. I have been a member of ICOC Digos for five years, along with my wife, Sheila. We have three children: Sean, who is 16 years old; Bryleigh, who is seven years old and has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); and Zacheiah, who is one year old. My wife and I sell thrift clothes online, which helps us cover our daily expenses, such as food and medication for our son Bryleigh, who has special needs. Currently, our daughter Zacheiah has been admitted to the hospital for a week due to a high fever that resulted in convulsions caused by a high bacteria count. The doctor has requested a CT scan for possible Meningitis and a blood culture test. As the doctor has advised, we are expected to stay in the hospital for a few more days for further testing and monitoring.

With humility, I am reaching out to the ETF for financial assistance to help with our hospital expenses for Zacheiah's hospitalization and also for medical attention and therapy for our non-verbal child with special needs. We would be very grateful for any financial support you can provide. We thank God for your generosity. God bless your hearts.

Request $1,000

Lorena has been a faithful disciple for nine years in Malpaisillo, Nicaragua. A dedicated wife and mom, she nurtured her family, with Emmanuel, her eldest, working tirelessly in the United States. He was their rock, sending money back home to build a hopeful future. But their world flipped upside down when horrifying news brought of Emmanuel's sudden illness. Emmanuel is currently hospitalized due to a severe neurological disorder. A final diagnosis is yet to be determined, but it may include infection, encephalitis, and psychiatric disorders. The doctors advise that he needs specialist care in infectious diseases, neurology, and psychiatry, as he requires 24/7 hospitalization and further observation.
Lorena is set to travel to the USA to be with her son. She is reaching out to ETF for financial assistance. This money will be used for Emmanuel's medical bills, food, and other expenses while she attends to her son's needs. Your help will significantly impact Lorena's family situation and alleviate their financial difficulties. God Bless you all.

Request $1,000

My name is Niño, I am 49 years old and have been a member of the church for 25 years, along with my wife Lowina. I serve as a non-full-time (unpaid) minister at Digos Church (located in the southern part of Davao City). We are blessed with three children: Francis, who has been a member of the church for 10 years; Danica Jane, a member for 5 years; and Cristine Jane, who is 17 years old and will soon begin studying the Bible. In April 2022, after COVID-19 cases subsided, we decided to relocate to Digos City from Davao to dedicate more time to ministry.

This meant leaving behind business opportunities in Davao. We also brought my aging parents with us. Serving the church and reaching out to people bring us great joy. We lead a simple and contented life, while also supporting the needs of our aging parents during their later years. Unfortunately, my mother recently passed away at the age of 86. This event significantly impacted our finances due to pre-existing hospital bills and funeral expenses. It was a difficult loss. Now, I am the sole caregiver for my father, who is 92 years old. Sadly, he also passed away earlier this year (2024). These events, coupled with my wife's ongoing health needs (requiring medication) and the recent diagnosis of lymphoma in our son, his medication and doctor's appointment, have significantly depleted our savings.

With all due humility, I am reaching out to the ETF for some financial assistance. This would provide us with some breathing room and help us cope with the significant responsibilities and expenses that are, at times, honestly hindering my ministerial work. My family and I would be eternally grateful for any financial support you may be able to offer. We praise God for your generosity and for your role as stewards of God's blessings.

Request $1,000

Mariana is a young Christian. She was baptized in March 2022, during RevivEE 2.0. Inspired by her new life, she left her physical therapy practice to join the RevivEE 3.0 team. Last summer, as she was preparing for RevivEE 4.0, her kidneys failed unexpectedly. One kidney ultimately failed, and the other is functioning at only 38%. God has been working miracles! The functioning kidney is now at 90%, and the “dead” kidney is at 30%, which is unprecedented in Moldovan medicine. The doctors have stated that this recovery is nothing short of a miracle. Mariana is currently undergoing dialysis and will need to continue for most of the summer. She is in the hospital 5 to 6 times a week, and we are seeking support for her treatment, which costs $1800 a month for the next four months. Please help us support her as she continues her treatment. Your prayers for Mariana's complete healing are greatly appreciated!

Request $1,000

My name is Islande, a devoted follower of Christ for 15 years at the Church in Haiti. My husband and I work tirelessly to support our family, but Haiti's economic struggles and gang violence make things incredibly difficult. Our precious daughter, Leyla, just turned two and a half. Sadly, she was diagnosed with a developmental delay that affects her brain development. This has impacted her spinal column and weakened her muscles, making it impossible for her to walk, sit, or lie down on her own.

Due to her young age, her Pediatrician advised against surgery but recommended ongoing physical and occupational therapy to strengthen her body. The cost of these therapies, along with medications and doctor's appointments, is a crushing burden on our limited income. We are humbly reaching out to ETF for financial assistance. Any financial assistance you can offer will lighten our financial load and allow Leyla to receive the therapy she needs. We dream of a future where Leyla can move freely and experience all the joys of childhood. With your help, that dream can become a reality.

Request $1,000

Tom, a faithful servant of God since 1992, has dedicated his life to serving others. Since becoming a full-time minister in 1996, he has impacted countless lives across East Africa. Currently, Tom and his family are serving in Bujumbura, Burundi. Tragically, Tom was recently diagnosed with a serious lung tumor that needs an urgent operation. This complex condition requires specialized surgery unavailable in Burundi. Tom was flown to Kenya for evaluation, and doctors determined he needs surgery only possible in India.

The total cost of his operation and hospitalization is $15,000, an insurmountable burden for Tom's family. We urgently request your generous support to help cover these expenses. Any contribution, big or small, will make a significant difference. Your support can save Tom's life and allow him to continue his vital ministry work. We are deeply grateful for your consideration and compassion.

Request $1,000

Daniela, a faithful disciple for 21 years since her youth in Venezuela, found Jesus at a young age. She and her husband, Cesar, have become leaders and pillars of their church in Valencia. However, in January 2024, Daniela's health took a turn. Diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and Gastrointestinal disorders, she now suffers from debilitating joint inflammation that renders her immobile. Daily activities are a struggle, as her weakened upper body can't hold even small objects.

To manage her condition and improve her immune system and digestion, Daniela requires daily Microbiota medication, stem cell treatment, and additional therapies. Unfortunately, this treatment is imported from the USA, adding to the financial strain. Daniela is humbly reaching out to ETF for financial assistance to cover these critical medication costs. With your support, Daniela can manage her pain, regain some independence, and improve her mobility. Your generosity will alleviate a significant financial burden for our dearest sister in faith.

Request $1,000

My name is Victoria Nzala. As a follower of Christ at the Zambia International Church of Christ in Monze, my faith guides me daily, especially now. Being a single mother of six is a blessing – four are my biological miracles, and two are orphans I welcomed into our home. Unfortunately, my husband left us with nothing and hasn't provided any support for the children. I run a cupcake business, which I pour my heart into, but with rising costs, putting enough food on the table for my growing family has become a struggle.

It breaks my heart knowing I sometimes can't provide everything they need. Our biggest worry right now is securing our current housing to cover pending rent and groceries. My dream is to create a stable and secure environment for my children. With your help, I can continue caring for them and focus on growing my cupcake business, providing a brighter future for all of us. Even the smallest contribution would be a tremendous blessing. Thank you for considering my plea. May God bless you abundantly.

Request $1,000

My name is Vincent, and my wife Locadia and I met at church. Our faith has been a constant source of strength, especially during difficult times. I was baptized in 2004 in Harare, and my wife was baptized four years later in Bulawayo. Together, we've built a beautiful family with our two precious daughters. Our eldest has begun her Early Childhood Development (ECD) learning, a source of our immense pride.

Locadia is a plain housewife. while I navigate the challenges of living with epilepsy. Diagnosed in 2013, the condition has significantly impacted my ability to find a well-paying job to support our family. Despite our hard work, covering even necessities like food has become a constant struggle. The true hardship lies in managing my medical needs. My epilepsy can worsen by the day, with the frequency of seizures directly affecting my medication costs. Each month, depending on the number of seizures, I require $100 worth of medication, a significant financial burden.

It is with a heavy heart but unwavering faith that I reach out to the ETF. Your support would mean the world to us. We desperately need assistance to acquire my medication and undergo proper scans and x-rays to determine if there are any fractures or brain damage caused by the seizures. Through your generosity, we hope to manage my health and create a brighter future for our family. We are incredibly grateful for any support you can offer. May God bless you abundantly.

Request $1,000

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