The Middle East is a beautiful region rich in natural resources, history, and culture. Its significance to many has created unseemly never-ending wars and conflicts that have caused the displacement of over 20 million people. Research on the needs in the region show that nearly 35 million require daily humanitarian assistance. (Pew Research Center)

The hardships that follow from living in a conflict zone spare no one and many of our brothers and sisters in this area are in urgent need of our help. The financial instability that our spiritual family faces is grave. Toppled governments and civil unrest makes it nearly impossible to earn a living, especially when the valuation of your country's currency is on a steep decline.

Below are the present needs for 10 disciple families/individuals. As always, 100% of your contributions will go directly to assist our brothers and sisters. God bless!

Support for ICOC Families in Mozambique

Especially The Family, in partnership with the Ascend Academy, would like to bring the needs of eight disciple families before you for your consideration. Their local church members have organized themselves carefully and are striving to help these families overcome the economic devastation they are facing.

The church in Mozambique has estimated that the total cost to help these families is $3,900 USD in total, an average of about $488 USD per family. The church benevolence group plans to work with the recipients to help them be successful in their use of these funds. We pray we can rally together to help them and receive some much needed relief.

Thanks for your consideration!   

Shortly after a group of brave brothers and sisters embarked on a mission trip launched from the capital of Myanmar, COVID began to spread throughout the world. Since their mission team began, many have learned about the truth of Christ. The team is still faithfully spreading the Word, but they are in need of assistance. Civil unrest, job loss, and COVID cases have made things increasingly difficult to pay for basic needs. The couple named above leads the team and their entire team is courageously serving those in need. Any support is appreciated!

Inés is a faithful disciple of many years. She is a cancer survivor and was recently widowed when her husband, who was a disciple, died due to COVID complications. She is elderly and currently has no source of income, and is in need of some assistance for food and rent while she seeks a permanent solution.

Your prayers and financial assistance are greatly appreciated!

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

This need has been met!

Daniel and Kewry Linares are a young couple with three children. Their last daughter was born with cerebral problems and it has been a big challenge for them. Their daughter requires constant medical attention so Kewry had to quit her job to become her full time care worker. Daniel and Kewry are loving and giving individuals happy to give to others whenever they are able. At the moment, they are in great need of assistance to pay for their daughter’s medical expenses and basic needs. Your help for this family is greatly appreciated!

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

Greetings from the Pantitlán region. We are desperately requesting your valuable support for our brothers in the faith, Eduardo and Patricia who have been married for 30 years. On March 4, 2020, Eduardo was falsely accused of robbing a cargo truck. The Mexican authorities arrested him, incarcerated him and in March of 2021, he received his final sentence of 11 years and 8 months.

His family has undergone tremendous emotional pain and now they are buried in debt due to legal fees and the loss of Eduardo’s income. Our home church has provided as much financial support as possible, but with the onset of COVID, most of our members have been facing their own battles and they cannot afford to help Eduardo’s family.

Patricia now faces the difficult task of managing her home and making weekly visits to the prison to bring her husband food for the week. The family is in great need of assistance as they navigate through this tremendous life change. Your financial support and prayers are greatly appreciated!

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

My name is Angelina I was baptized on March 13, 1999 by the mercy of God, a few months later I volunteered as support to plant the mission in Cd. Juárez Chihuahua where we evangelized for a week for the inaugural event, they invited me to work as a minister in March 2000 to direct the university ministry in Monterrey, in March 2001 they called me to direct the mission of the Church of Saltillo, a year later I returned to Monterrey to direct the ministry of singles in one of the regions of the church for 2 years and finally stopped serving as a minister in 2003.

I was serving directing in the singles ministry of the western region for several years until I got married in 2007 and from that time my husband and I served in the marrieds ministry until 2019 when we decided to step down in order to care for my mother, Maria, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2018. Her health has been in decline since mid-2020. My mother is now completely dependent on others to function. It has been extremely physically and emotionally tolling to see her in a constant state of panic since she often does not recognize me or her surroundings.

Additionally, she requires a lot of expensive medical supplies and medications that are very difficult for my husband and I to afford due to our unemployment. We are seeking your assistance to care for my mother while we seek employment to support both the basic needs for our family and the medical necessities for my mother. May God bless you!

Request $1,000

Meet Nidal and Ivine.

These two strong soldiers of Jesus have 3 beautiful children. They all live in Aleppo, Syria. 

Since the war started, they have done their best to replant the church that was persecuted and scattered by ISIS.

They have been part of the church since 2008, and till this day they have shown nothing but loyalty by giving all glory to God while facing discrimination and oppression.

This family is experiencing many difficulties. Living day by day, and counting on God's grace for provisions.

Life in Syria, especially the last decade, was extremely challenging. They need support with school tuition, house rental fees, medication and sometimes even food.

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

Hello brothers and sisters, my name is Elgie and I have been a disciple for two years in the Kinshasa Church of Christ. When my husband died the life of my children and I changed forever. We were unable to keep our home and we had to move to a more rural area.

Thanks to the advice and support of my sisters in Christ, I started to sell fried fish and prepared spices, but even with all this hard work it has been very difficult to provide for my children. I am seeking your support to buy groceries and other basic needs as we work through this difficult time. Thank you so much and God bless!

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

Dear brothers and sisters 

Meet Nadim from Lebanon, a faithful member of Lebanon Church of Christ. The story of Nadim reflects the amazing grace and outstanding ways of God. Nadim grew up in an orphanage and at the age of 28 he got married and had three beautiful boys.

Life in Lebanon can be very difficult, but right before hitting bottom God interfered. While working in an ice cream store, he ran into a friend from the orphanage, Georges, who happened to be a member of the Lebanon Church of Christ. Georges invited him to study the Bible and Nadim was baptized into Christ.

Today he and his family are struggling to pay even basic things like the water bill. Nadim and his family are asking for your help to pay for their children’s school tuition during this difficult time in their life.

We thank you for your generosity and love for the family.

Request: $1,000

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

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