My name is Pushpa I became a disciple in the year 2012. My childhood was very difficult so I married very early in life. After having one daughter, my husband passed away from a massive heart attack the same year I became a disciple. Sharon, my daughter, is 12 years old and enrolled in the 8th grade.

I work as an office assist at a nonprofit organization and earn a little less than $200 per month. Our economic situation is not good. I have to pay her school admission fees for this year, and I have a lot of fears about our future, my child's education, and keeping up with household expenses.

Please pray for us and also if possible, please extend your generous support, we will ever be grateful to you!

Request: $650

Hello, my name is Eka G. I have been a disciple of Christ for 25 years. I was baptized in Moscow thanks to the loving disciples who reached out to me and studied the Bible with me.
For the past three years, I have been unable to work due various health challenges. I have no insurance, pension or social assistance. I have very limited mobility due to a spinal disk hernia and vision is very limited so there are very few options for me to earn an income. At the moment, the only livelihood that I have is cat breeding, which generates a small amount of money, but not nearly enough to cover my medical costs or groceries.

Your financial support would mean so much to me. Thank you so much for your loving hearts!

Request: $1,000

Hello I am Rita I was baptized 24 years ago, in 1998, in Tbilisi, Georgia. I am a single mom with two kids. A boy who is 21 years old and a girl who is 8 years old. My daughter has heart failure and suffers from dysbacteriosis, migraine, and rheumatism (inflammation of the joints). My husband left me and our situation has been very difficult . My daughter is in need of costly medication and we need help with household groceries. We pray that you are able to help us through these trials.

Dear brothers and sisters first of all, I want to thank the heart of each and every one of you for your help! I have been a disciple for more than 6 years, I was invited by a sister named Paulina.  I am so grateful to her for studying the Bible with me and helping me start my life with Jesus.

I now have three daughters, two of which are disciples and part of the campus and teens ministry. Our oldest daughter is a single mother and she currently lives with us. During the pandemic, our business dwindled, and we were forced to shut it down. Our economic situation has been very difficult, and we are in need of financial support while we recover from this difficult time in our lives.

Request: $800

The Middle East is a beautiful region rich in natural resources, history, and culture. Its significance to many has created unseemly never-ending wars and conflicts that have caused the displacement of over 20 million people. Research on the needs in the region show that nearly 35 million require daily humanitarian assistance. (Pew Research Center)

The hardships that follow from living in a conflict zone spare no one and many of our brothers and sisters in this area are in urgent need of our help. The financial instability that our spiritual family faces is grave. Toppled governments and civil unrest makes it nearly impossible to earn a living, especially when the valuation of your country's currency is on a steep decline.

Below are the present needs for 10 disciple families/individuals. As always, 100% of your contributions will go directly to assist our brothers and sisters. God bless!

Request: 10,000

Karina has been a disciple for more than 20 years. She is a hard worker, and has been able to sustain herself and two children as a small business owner for many years. Like many other business owners, Karina's business suffered greatly during the pandemic.

Since then, she and her family have been unable to make a full comeback from the set back they suffered. She and her family are asking for help to buy food and other necessities while they work to reestablish their lives.

Request: $900

Mario and Maria are very committed and helpful disciples. They have been followers of Christ for a little over two years and since that time, they have become a source of great encouragement to the church in El Salvador.

Last year, was very difficult for their family economically. Mario had to find a new job and it has been difficult to recover financially. They have two children and need help with food. Your help will allow them to buy the groceries they need for them and their two children.


Boris and Cindy have been followers of Jesus for 10 and 15 years respectively. They are incredible servants in our new church in Santa Ana, El Salvador. They have a 2-year-old son and when they were asked to help they eagerly left their home to move to Santa Ana to help the church.

When Boris moved, he was promised a new job in Santa Ana. Upon arriving, things changed, and he no longer had a job to support his family. Boris and his family urgently need food assistance to support themselves and their young son.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Request: $1000

Hello church family. My name is Gertrude and my husband, Moliere, and I live in Les Cayes, Haiti. We have been disciples for 8 years and we love serving the church and helping with the children’s ministry. We live modestly and work as food vendors. As we age, it has become harder for us to provide for ourselves and our children are unable to help us due to the their own financial hardships. The political turmoil in our country coupled with the natural disasters that have recently occurred make it very difficult to move forward.

We are seeking your help to help us pay for necessities for the month as we work to recover from the difficulties of these past few years.

Mozambique is ranked the third poorest country in the world according to the World Population Review results for 2022, with a Gross National Income of $460 per year. In the 3rd week of March, a cyclone hit the city of Nacala, Mozambique where there is a small church of about 30 disciples. The larger church in Maputo is organizing relief for several families of disciples who have suffered massive damage to their homes, as you can see from the pictures. The church leaders in Maputo request the amount of US $5,000 to distribute among various families of disciples after assessing individual situations. This money will be used to make repairs to their homes, ensuring they are structurally sound. Other needs, such as food, medicine and water are being provided locally.

Thank you in advance for you kindness and desire to serve the brothers and sisters in Mozambique.

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