Especially The Family (ETF) was started by a small group of disciples who are members of various congregations of the International Churches of Christ. With financial and operational support from a number of generous individuals, the volunteer staff of ETF is able to forward 100% of your financial donations directly to the individuals and families you choose to support.

The MISSION of Especially The Family is to work with local church leaders in developing countries to identify and meet some of the specific needs of the faithful disciples in their congregations.

The PROMISE of Especially The Family is that every dollar of support given by members of the program will be received in full by the individuals or families who are chosen to receive it.

The PROGRESS of Especially The Family has been slow and steady. Since we received 501c3 status as a tax-free entity in 2012, we have been able to meet needs that total more than $350,000.

We have chosen not to put our names on this site, but if you need more information we welcome your inquiries. If you have general questions, please submit them to the email address info@especiallythefamily.org.

If you want to submit a need profile or have general questions, please send an inquiry to us at info@especiallythefamily.org. We identify a coordinator for each country we work in and we are eager to expand the program.

Thank you for your interest! It is an honor to work together on behalf of the less fortunate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your money, by credit card or by check, is transferred into ETF’s U.S. bank account and is then transferred via MoneyGram to the church leader who submitted the need profile that you have selected. The church leader receives and forwards the support to the right individual or family.

The board members and volunteers of ETF do not receive any compensation for their time.

100%. Operational fees are not removed from your gift.  And fees related to transferring funds internationally are also not removed from your gift.

The operational costs of ETF are covered by a number of generous individual disciples who believe in the program. These operational costs include the fees charged by the financial institutions, so 100% of the support given by ETF donors reaches the intended individuals or families.

Yes. ETF is a registered not-for-profit 501c3 organization, which means your donation is tax deductible in the United States. You will receive a receipt for your donation after you donate.

A small group of disciples make up the board of directors. We have chosen not to put our names on the website; however if you wish to learn more about who we are you may email us at info@especiallythefamily.org.

The ETF database only stores your name, physical address and email address. The ETF web site uses a leading ecommerce provider that uses industry-best practices to safeguard your financial data. The staff of ETF have no access at any time to your credit card information.

ETF is committed to supporting the special needs of people who are Christian, but also to supporting the efforts of Christians who are striving to help the less fortunate – regardless of what they believe. At the present time, about 50% of our donations go to specific individuals and families in the ICOC family of churches, and about 50% of our donations support programs in Asia and Africa that are managed by Christians but designed to meet the needs of less fortunate people regardless of their belief systems.

Anyone can join and meet a need at the ETF site.

No, your giving will be anonymous. However, you will receive a thank you letter within a month or two and at that time you may choose to initiate communication with the recipient of your donation. You will remain anonymous unless you decide to send additional communications.

Each of the individuals and families who apply to receive support from the ETF program also agree to have their profiles on the ETF website. They appreciate your consideration.