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Especially The Family (ETF) is a 501c3 charity started in 2011 by a small group of disciples who are members of various congregations of the International Churches of Christ. With financial and operational support provided by a number of generous individuals, the volunteers at ETF are able to forward 100% of the donations that are received directly to the individuals and families that are chosen to receive them.


The MISSION of ETF is to work with local church leaders to identify and meet immediate needs among the 115,000+ disciples in our family of churches.


The PROMISE of ETF is that every dollar of support received from ETF Members will be received IN FULL by the individuals, families, and programs that were chosen to receive it. This is possible because the program is managed by a generous team of volunteers and donors who provide support to cover the wire transfer fees and other expenses.


The IMPACT of Especially The Family (ETF) has to date involved the distribution of more than $1.5 million USD to disciples in Asia, Africa, India, and Latin America facing times of crisis such as a death in the family, a medical emergency, or a natural disaster. We are continuously expanding and striving to help as many of our brothers and sisters as possible.


At ETF our vision is narrowly focused on helping specific members of the church when they face a once in a lifetime crisis. Our VISION is to do our part, together with the many other great charities in our family of churches, to “do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” (Gal. 6:10)


It's an honor and a privilege to work with such dedicated people. We couldn't do it without you! Click on the titles below to expand.


Ed Anton – ETF Ambassador for India
Robert Carrillo – ETF Ambassador for Latin America
Cesar Lopez – ETF Ambassador for Asia
Jessy Moufid – ETF Ambassador for the Middle East
Mike Taliaferro – ETF Ambassador for Africa


Sheila Fejeran – ETF Advisor, Business Owner and Author
David Mitchell – ETF Advisor, Professional Life Coach


Eloisa Dungca – ETF Program Director

Board Members

Sebastian George
ETF Board Member since 2011, International Business Owner,
Member of ICOC for 25 years

William Mojica
ETF Board Member since 2011, International Business Owner,
Member of ICOC for 23 years

Kevin O’Brien
ETF Board Member since 2011, International Business Manager,
Member of ICOC for 34 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my money go after I make my donation?

The money received by ETF, by credit card or by check or by the other methods available, is transferred into ETF’s U.S. bank account and is then transferred via bank wire to the ETF Regional Coordinator who submitted the need profile that was selected. The ETF Regional Coordinator receives and forwards 100% of the transferred amount to the individual, family or need that was specified.

Do the people who manage and promote the ETF program earn a salary?

None of the board members, volunteers, regional coordinators or ambassadors of the ETF program receive any compensation for their time from the ETF program.

What percentage of the donation received by ETF goes to the individual, family or need I select?

100% of all donations received by ETF go through to the intended recipients. This is our promise. Nothing is removed from the gift ETF receives from you.

How is ETF funded?

The operational costs of ETF are covered by a number of generous individual disciples who believe in the program. These operational costs include the fees charged by the financial institutions and other small operational expenses. So 100% of the support received from ETF sponsors reaches the intended individuals, families or need that was specified.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. ETF has been a registered not-for-profit 501c3 organization since 2012, which means all donations are tax deductible in the United States. Each sponsor will receive a receipt for their donation by email.

Who manages the ETF program?

The ETF Ambassadors, Advisors, Management and Board of Directors help to manage the ETF program and are listed on the About page of the ETF website. if you wish to contact us, please send us a note.

What does ETF do with my personal and financial information?

The ETF database only stores your name, physical address and email address. The ETF web site uses a leading ecommerce provider that uses industry-best practices to safeguard your financial data. The staff of ETF have no access at any time to your credit card information.

Does ETF support only members of the ICOC family of churches?

ETF is committed to supporting the immediate needs that are identified by the ETF Coordinators in each region. At the present time, most of the ETF donations go to specific individuals and families in the ICOC family of churches. Some of the needs that are met, however, support programs that are managed by disciples in the ICOC family of churches. Several of these programs also support a wide variety of people from their local communities. The need profile should specify who the beneficiaries are.

Who can be a donor to the ETF program?

Anyone can visit the ETF website and meet a need.

Are the identities of the people who receive support through ETF kept confidential?

Each of the individuals and families who apply to receive support from the ETF program also agree to have their profiles on the ETF website. The ETF team does remove their last names from their need profile. They appreciate your consideration.

Will the person who receives my support know who I am?

The short answer is no. Whether you mark the "make this an anonymous donation" box during the checkout process or not, no one outside of the ETF office will be aware of your generosity without your consent. If you have not checked this box, the ETF office may contact you later if the recipient of your gift sends a thank you note or video. In such a case the correspondence may be forwarded to you. This only happens if initiated by the recipient. Please be assured the ETF team will not at any time publicize or give out your name or contact information to anyone without your permission.

How do I update my recurring donation information?

The new Donor Dashboard page allows for Donors to to be able to have a simple overview of all their recurring and one-time donations.

To have access to the subscription information donors will need to be either logged in or validate their email. Once you login, you will be able to update the subscription amount, update your contact information and cancel your subscription.

If you wish to change your billing information, we recommend to cancel your subscription and begin a new subscription. You can use the same email and contact information with your new billing details.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Can profiles be submitted for needs in the United States?

No, our current tax status and registration limits us to meeting needs outside of the United States.

What are the guidelines for choosing individuals and families to support?

More than 35 ETF coordinators throughout the world have been selected by their local church leadership to help ETF select disciples in need to support. ETF recipients are generally chosen to receive a maximum gift of $1,000 USD, to receive a gift from ETF only once in their lives, to be faithful members of their local congregations for at least two years, and to receive support for one-time crises such as a death in the family, a medical emergency, or a natural disaster. Educational, housing, nutritional and other needs are only considered within the context of a specific crisis.
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Especially The Family (ETF) was started by a small group of disciples in 2012. ETF has been a registered not-for-profit 501c3 entity since 2012 so all donations made to it are tax deductible. Our EIN number, which you can use to verify our charity status, is 45-3788352.
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