Aldo and his wife Patricia have been faithful disciples for five and fourteen years respectively. They have two young daughters and their entire family is an indispensable part of their small congregation of twelve in Leon, Nicaragua. Due to the devastating economic situation in Nicaragua, both Aldo and Patricia have been unemployed since June 2020. Thanks to the generosity of family, friends, and the church they have manged to get by.

However, their need for food, basic utilities, and medicine have exceeded the limitations of their humble supports and they need help. They are requesting $350 to assist them basic needs for a month as they continue to search for employment. Your consideration and support will make a great difference to this family.

My name is, Pedro and I have been a disciple of Christ for 23 years. My wife and I have two children, a 14-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl.

My wife has is unable to work due to health problems and requires various medical treatments for her condition. Before the onset of COVID-19, I was working as a taxi driver and working as many hours as I possibly could. Unfortunately, I was involved in a serious car accident that left my car in bad shape. This left us without an income and as I began to search for new employment the pandemic swept the country and finding employment has become very difficult. The church has been extremely helpful to our family, but our needs exceed the resources of our local congregation. We are asking for your support to pay for rent and medication for my wife. Any donation towards our need of $1,000 is greatly appreciated. God Bless!

Miriam has been a faithful disciple for more than eight years. She and her husband Efrain have two young children, Efraincito and Eva. Although her husband has not yet made the decision to become a disciple, he attends church regularly and his father was baptized earlier this year.

Honduras has experienced high levels of violence and impoverishment for many years. The country has gained wealth, but the gap between the rich and the poor is vast. As of 2019, nearly 50% of the population lived in poverty. This faltering economy does not lend itself well to maintaining stable employment and Efrain has recently been left without a job. The family is asking for $300 in assistance to buy groceries, pay for their children’s education, and assist Miriam’s elderly mother with the cost of her medication. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Greetings dear brothers and sisters, my husband Rafael and I have been disciples for 21 years. We are active members in the eastern region of the Mexico City Church. We have joyfully served in the children’s ministry, victory ministry, as Bible Talk leaders, sector leaders, and as pastors. We have two college aged children who are currently in school and my husband and I sell pet food at different markets to make a living.

On July 28, 2020, my husband began to experience a series of health complications including clots, major bleeding, seizures and loss of consciousness. He was hospitalized and kept on a ventilator for seven days. Doctors are still unsure what caused all of these issues, but the damage to his organs has been severe. He is currently suffering from inflammation in the brain, kidney damage, intestinal paralysis, liver damage, water retention in the lungs and prostate issues. The toxins in his system continue to rise and his condition remains critical. We trust and hope in God for a speedy recovery and appreciate your prayers.

Due to the pandemic, our income has greatly diminished, and my husband's hospitalization has made it impossible for us to resume our work. Due to our great need, we request $1,000 to assist is with medical bills, nutritional needs, and housing expenses.

Virginia is a 70-year-old sister who lives in Tlaxcala and has been faithful to Christ for 22 years. Two years ago she was diagnosed with kidney cancer and underwent surgery to help with her condition. She lives with her adult son who has an intellectual disability. Despite his challenges, managed to find employment and became the household financial provider. Virginia supplements their income by making and selling artisan dolls, but due to the pandemic, her son lost his job and she has been able to sell any dolls.

Their financial hardships have made it impossible for them to keep up with all their bills and they now owe five months of rent. They are at risk of losing their home, and Virginia has not been able to have any follow up medical care because they cannot afford it. Their situation is critical, and lately even having enough to eat has become a challenge. The church in Tlaxcala has stepped in to help, but their resources are very limited and Virginia and her son have many needs.

The family is requesting assistance with rent, groceries, and medical costs. Your assistance will go a long way to help this family through this very difficult time.

Thanks to generous ETF contributors

this need has been met!

Nancy is a single mom and a dear sister in the Oaxaca Church. Her life was transformed when she learned about Christ two years ago. Nancy and her daughters Evelyn (11), and Kimberly (7) has quickly become an example of faith and trust. Nancy works at a shoe store, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic she is currently unemployed. Kimberly was born with a condition called spastic cerebral microcephaly that has confined her to a wheelchair. Despite the challenges they face daily, Kimberly brings joy to her family and continues to defy medical expectations.

Kimberly needs therapy, but Nancy has been unable to pay for any sessions due to the financial constraints she is currently facing. The family is requesting $300 to cover the costs of three months of therapy. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

When Marie Claire turned one year old, she went in for a routine malaria vaccine which tragically resulted in her right leg being completely paralyzed. Her upbringing in a polygamous family of 11 was difficult, but when she became a disciple in 2000, she blossomed. Marie has served as a house church leader, a single ministry leader, and her love and commitment is known to all! Despite her physical challenges, Marie Claire is a successful seamstress and a caregiver for her elderly mother.

Marie has continued to face many challenges throughout the past couple of years including enduring a civil war, the death of her brother, and helping with her mother’s depression. Then in 2015, Marie broker her left leg and she was bound to a wheelchair for nearly two years. Today, by the grace of God, she has regained the use of her left leg and continues to be pillar in the singles ministry. The many setbacks in Marie’s life have never stopped her from shining bright for God, but they have caused financial difficulties. Marie and her mother have many needs, but your donation towards their $400 request will help this family with the cost of medication, rent, and groceries. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Our church in La Barca, Jalisco was established by a brother from the LA region after he returned to Mexico. Though his circumstances for returning to his country were less than ideal, he was not discouraged and shared his faith with friends and family. There are now 21 disciples in in La Barca and on June 2, 2019 the group was officially recognized as a church.

My name is Raul and I have the honor of serving as a minister for this wonderful group. I am writing to you with a heavy heart due to the failing health of my mother, Amparo.  My mother has been a faithful disciple for the past six years and even throughout her illness she has been an active member of our church and regularly attends our virtual meetings. For the past five months, she has undergone medical treatments to heal her foot and neuropathy that have occurred as a result of her diabetes and heart issues. These treatments are necessary, but total more than 2,000 pesos per month (about $100 USD) which exceeds our limited budget. We are asking for your assistance to pay for the next five months of treatment costs which total $500 USD. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any donations you are able to give. God bless!

Dear brothers and sisters, my name is Amanda, I have been a disciple for 10 years. My husband Ricardo and I lead a marrieds Bible Talk in the Coyoacán region of Mexico City, MX.

In recent months, the health condition of my mother, María Elena, who is a disciple in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, has been quickly deteriorating due to her advanced kidney failure. My mother does not have a pension fund or health insurance to cover the cost of treating this disease, so we opted for the Nephrologist to place a catheter and start hemodialysis treatments.

The total cost of this procedure was 30,000 pesos. Our family and friends have been sacrificially paid down the debt and so far 18,000 of it has been paid. Since then however, hemodialysis treatments which each cost 1,100 pesos have been needed twice per week to help my mother with her health.
We are asking for your support to pay the remaining 12,000 pesos ($600 USD), to cover the remaining balance for the catheter placement.

We thank you so much in advance for your help!

Original Version in Spanish

Querido hermanos, mi nombre es Amanda y tengo 10 años de ser discipula. Junto con mi esposo, Ricardo, dirigimos una charla de matrimonios en la Región Coyoacán de la Ciudad Mexico.

En los últimos meses la condición de salud de mi mamá María Elena, quien es discípula en la ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, se ha complicado debido a una insuficiencia renal avanzada que padece, la cual la ha llevado a un deterioro muy grabe en su salud. Mi mama no cuenta con ninguna pensión o seguro médico que cubra la enfermedad, por lo que optamos de manera urgente por indicación del Nefrólogo, colocarle un catéter para que lo antes posible iniciara tratamiento con Hemodiálisis, el costo fue de $30,000 de lo cual solo se han pagado $18,000 y también se ha tenido que realizar algunas hemodiálisis con costo de $1,100 2 veces por semana. Por la condición económica de mi familia en Guadalajara, mi esposo y yo y la ayuda de algunos hermanos, hemos cubierto la mayor parte de los gastos, lo cual ya rebaso nuestra economía.

Por lo anterior pido su valioso apoyo para poder cubrir los $12,000 pesos ($600 USD) restantes, para cubrir el faltante de la colocación del catéter.

De antemano, agradezco profundamente la ayuda ofrecida.

Con amor en Cristo: Amanda.

Juanita Mariano is a retired seamstress, and is a 77-year old disciple in the Makati Region of the Manila church. She was converted in 2018 after studying the Bible off and on for more than 28 years. Three of her children are faithful disciples, and are also married to disciples. Her late husband, who passed away a few years ago, died as a faithful disciple.

She also has three grandchildren who are baptized disciples. Coming from a staunch Roman Catholic background, Juanita has helped many senior citizens understand the Bible and God’s plan in its entirety.

Last Sunday, May 17, Juanita was found to be in septic shock and incoherent. She was sent to a local Level 1 hospital with no COVID-19 cases, but later the same day she had to be moved to a bigger hospital due to the complications of her sepsis and the related impact on her brain, heart and lungs. She is currently in the ICU and as of today, May 21, she is relatively stable and is scheduled to undergo a surgery to remove some urethral stones and to drain her infection.

Thanks to the generous contributions of ETF donors,

this need has been met!

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