Juana affectionately known as "Chusita", has been a disciple at the International Church of Christ in Guatemala for more than 13 years. From 2008 to 2019 she tirelessly worked as a children's ministry volunteer and she is a person who has shown fidelity and deep convictions.

About five years ago, Chusita suffered a fall and hurt her knee. Due to a lack of resources, she never went to the doctor and instead treated her injury at home with over the counter medications. Over time, her knee started to turn inwards and she began to suffer a lot of pain.

She is now in need of surgery to correct the injury to her leg. She is seeking assistance to pay for this much needed medical procedure. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Request: $1,000

Marcus E. has been a disciple for 28 years. He is a single brother from Ikeja region of the Lagos church.


It started in March 2020, when he noticed a lump in his mouth.  He went to his doctor who referred Marcus to LUTH (Lagos state teaching hospital), in August 26th, 2020. He ran some tests, after which he was told he will undergo surgery which did not happen, because the hospital went on strike that year.

In 2021 he went back, he was told to go get another referral letter, so his doctor gave him the letter, he went back, again he was asked to rerun the test all over again it took almost 3 months when the results came out he went back, the hospital went on strike again that lasted for 4 months. At this time the growth in his mouth was growing in such a way that he could not eat or breathe well.

His family used herbal, which brought the growth down, but he still requires major surgery for his condition.

Marcus desires to undergo a surgery, he sent his report to Narayana Health hospital in India, he got a reply that they will have to run their own test with 1,000 USD. The cost of surgery will be decided on the detailed evaluation. Marcus is soliciting for Support from ESPECIALLY THE FAMILY to be able to undergo this surgery so that he can have his health again. Thank you in anticipation of your consideration.

Olfania has been a faithful disciple for the past 20 years. She lives in a modest home in Nicaragua, a country currently suffering greatly economically, and spiritually.

Olfania earns a small amount of money each month and recently she was told she needed an urgent surgery. She has been able to save some money, but is still in need of assistance to pay for the rest of her medical bills and medications.

Your help can help this loving sister to receive the immediate care she needs.

Request: $500

My name is Fernando. I have been a faithful follower of Christ for 15 years, in the Church of Christ in Monterrey. Currently, my family and I are going through a very difficult time with our 3-year-old daughter, Eva Victoria, who is receiving chemotherapy due to a tumor in her brain. Fortunately, her surgery was successful and they were able to remove the majority of the tumor.

It has been a very difficult journey for us as Eva recovers. Emotionally we are exhausted and financially we are hurting badly since we depend solely on my income and I have had to miss many days at work due to various emergencies that required my presence at the hospital. My reduced salary has not been enough to cover the cost of healthcare services, rent, transportation, medication and food. I am asking for your generosity as we strive to make it through this time. Thank you so much!

Request: $1,000

Aruna grew up in a non-Christian household, but has been an amazingly faithful disciple for more than 20 years.

In the past few years she has suffered the loss of a daughter, and endured seeing her husband go through various near-death health challenges.

The financial challenges she now endures is heavy. The medical bills for her husband and the funeral expenses for her daughter have brought upon a tremendous amount of added worry.

She and her family are in need of assistance to pay down their debt as they persevere through the hardships of these past few years.

Thank you!

Request $1,000

Our sister Tatevik, born in 1982, was baptized in 2008 in Yerevan, Armenia. She is married and has a son, David 10 years old. They live in a private home outside of Yerevan. Tatevik is weak physically and very often she's subject to health problems. Recently, she had a surgery and still recovering. Their income is very low and often it's not even enough for their basic needs such as food, transportation water and electricity bill, this case especially when she falls sick. Church periodically helps financially their family.
If possible, we are very grateful for the help you can give to Tatevik.

My name is Beena and my family and I started attending church in 1996 and we have been a disciple for the last 26 years, Dad, Mom and 3 sister and a brother, we lived a very happy life in Christ.

In 2017, my father was hospitalized due to stroke and brain hemorrhage, he was bed-ridden for 2 years and then in 2019 he passed away. We have still not cleared the loans that we had taken for dad's treatment meanwhile mom fell sick.

My mother, Vineela, is in MICU in St John's Hospital, Bangalore. She was brought to the emergency with a complaint of low oxygen but later was diagnosed with pneumonia while she was being treated for lungs, she had a heart attack and her Oxygen BP dropped drastically, immediately she was put on ventilation.

As per Doctors advice she might have to be in the MICU for another two weeks and then ITU observation for 2 weeks depending on her recovery, the bills are going up and up.            

We have already paid large amount to the hospitals through loans from others.

In this situation whatever we get will be a great help for us, only my sister has a stable job and everyone else holds temporary jobs, her earnings will not be enough to meet all the needs and clear loans.

We will be grateful whatever help we are able to receive. Thank you!

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

Conceição is a single mother with 3 children and been a disciple of the International Church of Christ in Belo Horizonte since 2002. She needs to have surgery on her uterus, but due to a heart problem, it was postponed, and it was a greater risk to do so. In addition to bleeding and heart and circulation problems, she has high blood pressure, high glucose, swelling and dizziness.

Two of her children, Samuel and Jamara, have psychiatric problems and are monitored by the public health system.

The father does not pay the pension stipulated by the court. The family pays rent and depends on donations to support themselves, as the mother does not have a steady job due to her poor health and the need to provide regular follow-up check-ups for herself and her children, in order to earn an income. Conceição only does sporadic cleaning when she’s able to work and her daughter Jamily has an internship with a scholarship and receives only R$ 400.00 (US$ 80) per month.

Conceição requests assistance with her unpaid back rent and medical needs (transportation for visits and medication) in the amount of $1000. She is forever grateful for any monetary assistance and for all prayers for her and her family.

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

Nargis has been disciple for 20 years. She is known for beeing strong and for her serving heart. She had lots of challenges in her life, both spiritually and physically. Nonetheless she always comes back stronger and more determined. She is married to a disciple and they have 3 kids,  one of them is a disciple in the youth ministry. She and her husband serve in Alexandria; they always make it their priority, regadless of their situation, to go there every other week to encourage and teach the church. 

Their kids have severe dental problems and they can’t afford the treatment. Their teeth turn black with stains and need special treatment every few months. Your help is much appreciated.

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

Nabil has been a disciple for 20 years. He works as a car mechanic. His wife is a disciple too. They are very committed to the church and very generous regardless of their financial situation in bringing homemade refreshments for the church. They have 5 kids 2 of which has hearing and speech difficulties. 

A few days ago his older son was helping him fixing a auto rickshaw and the engine caught fire causing the son to be burned and the rickshaw was burned as well. Any help providing for them to provide for their son treatment and fixing the rickshaw will be really appreciated. 

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

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