My name is Gerlie. I have been working in Qatar since 2019. Upon starting my work abroad, I sought out a church community. After four months of studying the faith, I was baptized on October 11th, 2019, at ICOC Qatar. I've been employed by a private company since 2019. That same year, my 16-year-old sister, Gen Micah, received a diagnosis of Generalized seizures.

To help ease the family's financial burden, my mother sells street food from our home. As the sole breadwinner, supporting my family has been a significant challenge. Unfortunately, both of my parents require medical attention. My father, who is 68 years old, has a heart condition. Additionally, my mother, who is 58, needs a mastectomy due to lumps in her breast. Balancing their needs with my sister's ongoing medical expenses, which total roughly $320 per month for therapy, medication, and doctor appointments, has been incredibly difficult. My mother's upcoming surgery only adds to the financial strain. During this challenging time for my family, I am reaching out to ETF in hopes of receiving financial assistance to pay for my mother and sister’s medical expenses. We will be forever grateful for any amount you can give.

Request $1,000

Marian Fawzi is a member of the Egypt Church of Christ and was baptized 15 years ago. She is married and has two wonderful children. Marian is actively involved in the church's kids kingdom ministry. She works as a hairdresser but had to stop working two months ago due to severe bleeding, which caused her to be bedridden. During this time, she had no income and now has monthly financial obligations to meet, but she is struggling to settle all of her dues. Marian urgently needs a proper diagnosis of her health condition, and her husband's income is not enough to cover their basic necessities, let alone her medical expenses. Any support provided to her would be greatly appreciated to help cover her dues and medical expenses.

Request $1,000

Abeer Noshi, a faithful disciple of Egypt Church, has been a devout follower of Jesus Christ for the past 17 years. She was introduced to the church by her sister and despite her family's disapproval, she committed herself to studying the Bible and became a devout disciple. As a loving mother of three, she actively serves in the women's ministry, her warm and compassionate nature touching the lives of many. Each week, she selflessly organizes transportation for over 20 women, ensuring their access to have fellowship.

Despite facing numerous challenges throughout her life, Abeer has never wavered in her faith. However, recent economic hardships in Egypt have cast a shadow over Abeer's family. Her husband's work has been severely impacted by the devaluation in Egypt, making it increasingly difficult for them to meet their basic needs. Despite their financial struggles, Abeer remains steadfast in her faith and her commitment to her family and community. She is deeply grateful for any assistance that can be provided. With your generous support, Abeer and her family can navigate these difficult times with greater ease. Your contribution will make a profound impact on their lives, providing them with the means to meet their essential needs and continue their journey of faith and service.

Request $1,000

Samir is a member of our church in Egypt. 10 years ago, Samir met a brother who told him about Jesus. He then started attending the service and studying the Bible with his wife. Samir is a very hard-working father of 3. He initiates help at the church and loves to serve. He is also part of the church choir playing on the tambourine.
This past year has been challenging for them as a family as he lost part of his job. He is trying to provide for his family, but one of the main struggles is paying the monthly house rent and bringing food to the table. Any assistance to help him and his family is very appreciated.

My name is Julia, a faithful disciple from Dubai. As a family of four, we have been here in the UAE, but unfortunate things happen between the UAE government and our leaders back in Nigeria and this hurt Nigerians when the work permit for Nigerians was banned indefinitely by the UAE government. In this regard myself and my husband were affected when our company couldn't renew our work permit. We have been trying to see how we can survive this horrific situation but to no avail. I lost my job a year ago, and we have legally been staying under a family visa, but the same has been cancelled since my husband lost his job over three weeks ago. Now we are left with no choice but to go back to our country.

At the moment my family needs financial assistance for flight tickets of which we have a shortfall of Dhs. 2500 whereas the total is Dhs. 4500 but we have 2000. Meanwhile, I got a job in Lancashire England but need a required band in proficiency in English to be able to move and I need to stay back in the UAE as recruitment can only be possible in UAE, so in respect of this I can't go home but my family will be leaving at the earliest before 15th of June. I plead, that anyone should please help us in any way possible to avoid any horrific experiences.

Request: $700

A faithful disciple for 17 years, she met our church through a random invitation. Magda a mother of 2, is a quiet sister, very deep, and always wants to study and grow more in her knowledge and love for God. Unfortunately her health forbid her from being very active but she always helps out with ideas how to make the women meeting in her group more effective. 

Her husband recently became quite ill due to a liver virus and diabetes. She is currently suffering from a severe kidney problem and is unable to obtain the necessary therapy, which is negatively impacting her health. Any help provided for her is much appreciated.

Request amount $1,000

In 2019, Lebanon's once healthy economy was dismantled due to a series of political issues that unfolded right before the onset of the COVID pandemic. It is estimated that the currency in Lebanon has lost 95% of it's value. For the average person, that means that an average wage of $900 per month is now worth less than $50. The demand for goods and the cost for essentials is sky-high, but securing even the most basic of needs extremely difficult.

The disturbance in the Lebanon has caused many other countries in the region to suffer similar economic distress and many brothers and sisters are experiencing hardships.

Request $10,000

Youd has been a disciple for 20 years and Bronika for the past 15 years. God has blessed them with two beautiful daughters they are raising by the grace of God and His teachings. Both were working as part timers for the church in Jouba. Today, they are both out of work and trying to get through day by day by taking side jobs to be able to pay only for food. They are trying to find more stable, full-time jobs with no luck. Their daughters are getting sick with Malaria and the treatment is very expensive. They need every help with the basic needs and the house rent.

Request: 1,000

Nargis has been disciple for 20 years. She is known for beeing strong and for her serving heart. She had lots of challenges in her life, both spiritually and physically. Nonetheless she always comes back stronger and more determined. She is married to a disciple and they have 3 kids,  one of them is a disciple in the youth ministry. She and her husband serve in Alexandria; they always make it their priority, regadless of their situation, to go there every other week to encourage and teach the church. 

Their kids have severe dental problems and they can’t afford the treatment. Their teeth turn black with stains and need special treatment every few months. Your help is much appreciated.

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

Nabil has been a disciple for 20 years. He works as a car mechanic. His wife is a disciple too. They are very committed to the church and very generous regardless of their financial situation in bringing homemade refreshments for the church. They have 5 kids 2 of which has hearing and speech difficulties. 

A few days ago his older son was helping him fixing a auto rickshaw and the engine caught fire causing the son to be burned and the rickshaw was burned as well. Any help providing for them to provide for their son treatment and fixing the rickshaw will be really appreciated. 

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

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