In 2019, Lebanon's once healthy economy was dismantled due to a series of political issues that unfolded right before the onset of the COVID pandemic. It is estimated that the currency in Lebanon has lost 95% of it's value. For the average person, that means that an average wage of $900 per month is now worth less than $50. The demand for goods and the cost for essentials is sky-high, but securing even the most basic of needs extremely difficult.

The disturbance in the Lebanon has caused many other countries in the region to suffer similar economic distress and many brothers and sisters are experiencing hardships.

Request $10,000

Youd has been a disciple for 20 years and Bronika for the past 15 years. God has blessed them with two beautiful daughters they are raising by the grace of God and His teachings. Both were working as part timers for the church in Jouba. Today, they are both out of work and trying to get through day by day by taking side jobs to be able to pay only for food. They are trying to find more stable, full-time jobs with no luck. Their daughters are getting sick with Malaria and the treatment is very expensive. They need every help with the basic needs and the house rent.

Request: 1,000

Nargis has been disciple for 20 years. She is known for beeing strong and for her serving heart. She had lots of challenges in her life, both spiritually and physically. Nonetheless she always comes back stronger and more determined. She is married to a disciple and they have 3 kids,  one of them is a disciple in the youth ministry. She and her husband serve in Alexandria; they always make it their priority, regadless of their situation, to go there every other week to encourage and teach the church. 

Their kids have severe dental problems and they can’t afford the treatment. Their teeth turn black with stains and need special treatment every few months. Your help is much appreciated.

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Nabil has been a disciple for 20 years. He works as a car mechanic. His wife is a disciple too. They are very committed to the church and very generous regardless of their financial situation in bringing homemade refreshments for the church. They have 5 kids 2 of which has hearing and speech difficulties. 

A few days ago his older son was helping him fixing a auto rickshaw and the engine caught fire causing the son to be burned and the rickshaw was burned as well. Any help providing for them to provide for their son treatment and fixing the rickshaw will be really appreciated. 

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

This is Sahar. She has been a disciple for 23 years and her faith inspired her son to become a disciple as well.

She leads a small group of women and is known for her spiritual maturity and helpful in the church. She always has a smile on her face while praying that her other kids take the same path and surrender their life to Jesus. 

Recently she had health issues and had to undergo an operation to remove the gallbladder because it became infected. Her diagnosis requires that she starts a regular regimen of medication for a prolonged period of time . She is seeking your help to purchase this much needed medicine since it far beyond her financial ability to pay for it on her own. Any help from your part will be highly appreciated. 

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

Reman has 19 years and has been a disciple for 3 years. Both her parents are disciples and serve in the church. Reman is very talented and gifted, with a super caring heart. She keeps every member of the youth ministry in her mind and heart, while always being there for them. Her love for Jesus is so evident and today two for her friends are studying the bible. Reman is known for always helping and serving in the church. She is always willing to learn and has a pure spirit. She needs your help in her university tuition.

Amount needed 1,000

Please meet Abeer from Jordan.
Abeer is a 56 years old mother of 7 children. She has been a faithful disciple for 23 years. She met God through a friend who was a teacher whom taught her kids. Since then she tries to show Jesus’ love in her daily life.
Abeer helps in kids kingdom ministry and is known for her genuine love and care for the brothers and sisters but whoever knows her cannot but distinguish how much she is devoted for the kids.
Currently Abeer helps with the finances at home by working as a babysitter. But the family can barely afford the the basic needs .
She is in need of all the help she can get so she can pay for her daughter’s education. Lydia, the youngest, skipped two years from getting her education because of the financial issues the family was facing.
She will be grateful for your support.
Thank You & God Bless

Request: $1,000

Nivine, a faithful disciple 21 years now, needs your help urgently. Her husband has cancer and it is spreading in the lungs and liver. She has been facing severe back problems as well. She already had 9 surgeries. 

Because of their current situation, Nivine is working as a part-timer and cannot even afford the medicine for her husband that is around 600$ per month, nor can she take care of her back problem.

She serves the church with all her heart, helping with the media, being responsible with another sister, for the kids kingdom, and even sharing all that she learns at her job with all the sisters through seminars.

We thank you in advance for your generous hearts and pray that God blesses you abundantly.

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

When we think about resilience we think about Nour. Not only does she love Jesus, but Nour was literally willing to die for Him.

She escaped Syria when her parents found out that she does not accept her inherited religion and believed instead in God and savior Jesus Christ. She came to Lebanon, met her husband and had 2 boys, while still searching from church to church for the body of Christ that she believed in and read about in the scriptures.

Things took a turn in Nour's life when one of her boys was diagnosed with autism. It was a difficult to accept, but the greatness of our Lord, is found in trials. Nour met one of our church members through our special needs ministry and got baptized.

Today, Nour and her family are in need of your financial support since they are going through really tough times with all the bills adding up and the situation getting worse.

Please note that we cannot post a picture of Nour for safety reasons.

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

Meet Susanna. She is a 24 years old and grew up attending service. She has fond memories of her kids kingdom classes and the teen ministry. As a teenager she began to study the Bible with some girls from church. At the age of 20, she decided to become a follower of Christ and now she, her mom, and aunt are all members of the church in Egypt.

Susanna is known for her serving heart and love for the kids in the church. She is a great daughter and a loving sister to her younger brother and sister.

Her family's health was deeply affected by coronavirus and other health complications in the past year. Her dad, the only working member in the family, suffered from a bleeding from his brain. Since his diagnosis, he has not able to work a fulltime job, or to provide what is needed for his wife and kids. Susanna is appealing on behalf of her family for assistance as they work to regain their footing.

Thank you for your support!

Request: $1,000

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