Ravindra Jadhav was unmarried and was staying with her married brother and his family. Things were normal till she started falling ill due to diabetes. Her sister in-law started grumbling due to Ravindra’s medical expenses and started mistreating her which made Ravindra feel insulted. 

She left her brother’s house and started living on the streets as a beggar. She started staying on the roads near her old house. She used to long to go back home but her brother was not concerned to take her back home.  She used to be fed by her old neighbours, sometimes she used to get sufficient food to eat and sometime not.  Many years she lived her life alone on the street as a beggar. Ravindra had a sorrowful and a lonely life. 

Then one day police saw her begging on the road and they removed her to the beggar’s home. Even in the beggar’s home, Ravindra was not happy because life in the home was challenging, lonely and no proper health and hygiene was available. Only once a month she would get her turn to take bath. She always thought no one loved her.

Ravindra was brought to the Home of HOPE in 2017. In the beginning Ravindra used to be very quiet and discouraged. But when she started to understand the love and the affection at the home, she started to be joyful and giving.  Her life was totally changed. She was happy at the home. She got food fresh food to eat, could take bath daily and she was given proper and clean clothes. Her needs were taken care of by the HOPE staff.

The HOPE staff used the have daily prayer time, with worship songs with all the aunties. They saw that Ravindra used to be very absorbed in singing and had learnt some songs also. There were times that others would not join the prayer time but Ravindra was first to join the prayer. Looking at her faith and heart to worship, some sisters from Virar sector initiated to read the Bible with her. The sisters saw that Ravindra was showing interest in Bible study and that’s when the sisters taught her about Jesus and salvation and on 23rd February 2018, Ravindra was baptized in Jesus. 

Now Ravindra knows that she has a true godly family and a God who protects her and will never leave her. Since that time, she is living a happy life and also shared that happiness with others. Ravindra is very good in serving and make sure others are taken care.

There are many women like Ravindra who need shelter and a loving home. They are deserted by their families to leave alone on the streets. They are lonely and many times stay hungry. These women need a family like the Home for Aged run by HOPE foundation.  HOPE would love to serve and take care of many aunties and women and give them a shelter and a home.

Request: $400

Treesa has been a disciple for three years and she is a faithful member of the Trivandrum church in Kerala. She has been a widow for fifteen years and she has been struggling to maintain her household which includes her two children, Blessy and Rejoy. She is currently unable to keep a full time job due to  her health issues related to diabetes, sinusitis, and joint pains. She provides for her family with the little income that she earns from doing odds jobs. Her daughter, Blessy, is a college student and she supports the family by tutoring neighborhood kids.

During the COVID 19, lockdown, the family went through tough financial struggles and the church in Trivandrum along with some of her relatives helped them to get through. However, the family still has many needs and your support for this family is greatly appreciated.

Sunam and his wife Madhu are committed disciples in Mumbai. They lead a family group and help oversee another group. They have two children Anshuman and Aradhana. Sunam works in the music industry. He records his own work and teaches music. He is the sole provider for his family.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he unable to work and cannot generate a monthly income. The church in Mumbai has been assisting the family with the little benevolence they are able to gather, but Sunam and his family urgently need help to pay rent and buy groceries. The family is requesting help to get through this unprecedented time.

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

Sweety became a disciple in June 1998 in Mumbai. Her faithfulness and strong convictions have given her the strength to persevere through everything the world has thrown at her. She has helped her two sisters, brother, and late mother come to the Lord. 

Sweety has 3 amazing children - Yashika 20, Sakshi 16 and Nikhil 13. Yashika became a disciple when she was 15. She is very involved with Kingdom Kids and also helps in the Teen Ministry. Sakshi became a disciple two years ago and Nikhil has expressed a desire to study the Bible. 

Sweety’s husband who was a non-believer, was baptized in March of 2015, after 17 years of Sweety's relentless prayers. The joy of having her entire family worshiping and serving God together disappeared overnight when her husband, our brother in Christ, lost his life in a tragic accident about ten months ago. To help cover the family’s expenses, Yashika had to start working and at the same time juggle her college courses.  

The nationwide COVID-19 lockdown in India has made things worse for the family. Yashika earns $167 per month but she has not been paid in two months. The family is facing mounting debt for school and college tuition, books, and household expenses like groceries.

Sweety’s family has endured an exceedingly difficult year and seeks your assistance to work through this rough time.

Thanks to the generous donations of ETF contributors,

this need has been met! 

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Ramesh and Usha were baptized ten years ago in Mumbai, India. Both came from Hindu backgrounds, but their powerful discipleship paved a way for both their children to become interested in Christ. In 2017, their daughter Kareena was baptized and just two years later in 2019 their son Saahil was baptized as well. The family is grateful to be one in Spirit despite the trails they face.

Ramesh is limited by his heart and kidney condition but works diligently as a security guard and Usha, his wife, is a seamstress and works from home. Lately, Usha has not been able to find work, so the family has become dependent on Ramesh’s monthly income of $190. Kareena and Saahil are both in school and will be resuming classes soon. Kareena will be starting her second year of college soon and Saahil will begin his senior year of high school. School fees are due soon and will need to paid before they can attend class.

Thanks to the generous donations of ETF contributors,

this need has been met! 

Sunita lives in one of Mumbai's slums. Her tiny 8 x 8-foot room has no running water or private restroom. She stores water in huge containers outside of her home for daily use and shares a common toilet with others in the slum. She is a resilient woman and faithful disciple of Jesus.

Sunita came to know Christ in 2002 when her mother-in-law and sister-in-law reached out to her. Although her husband’s family loved God, he struggled with alcoholism and bouts of violence. Sunita endured verbal and physical abuse on a regular basis. Through all of this, she remained steadfast in her love for Christ and kept praying that her husband would change. Her daughter, Jennifer, was so inspired by her mother’s love for God that in the midst of so much turmoil at home, she was baptized in July 2016.

Sometime in late 2018, her husband was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Sunita immediately stepped in as his primary caregiver and never faltered in her care for him. The brothers in the church reached out to him once more and February of 2019 Sunita’s husband finally made Jesus Lord of his life. Only five months later, in July of 2019, Sunita’s husband passed away leaving behind a wife, son, and daughter.

Sunita is struggling to make ends meet. Her son who was working and helping with family expenses, is now stuck at home due to the nation-wide COVID-19 lockdown implemented in India. Sunita and her family are asking for assistance to pay college tuition and groceries as they bear through this tough time.   

Thanks to the generous donations of ETF contributors,

this need has been met! 

Satyanarayan (Satya) and Aruna are part of the church in Mumbai and have been faithful disciples for more than 18 years. Although they come from Hindu backgrounds, their faith in Christ is strong and has inspired all five of their adult children to become followers of Jesus.

This year has been extremely challenging for this family beginning with Satya nearly losing his life due to 95% blockage in his arteries. It is truly only by the grace of God, that doctors were able preform successful open-heart surgery in time to save his life. Amid a global pandemic, the family was forced to shut down their shop and take out a loan for more than $5,000 to pay for hospital fees. Satya is doing well and recovering, but his health issues and nationwide COVID-19 lockdown in India have made it impossible for him to resume his work. His children have been extremely supportive and sacrificially contributed to help pay off the hospital bill, but they too have suffered salary cuts, and two of them have lost their jobs. Satya and his wife are now faced with debt for their home rent and shop rent that has accumulated over the last five months. Your contribution, will help this family to move forward and encourage their hearts as they work through this tumultuous time in their lives.

Thanks to the generous donations of ETF contributors,

this need has been met! 

Filu is a strong disciple of Christ in Mumbai, India that has weathered many trials in her life. She is married and has three children ages 12, 11, and 9. Her husband is a skilled worker but, he is not a disciple and cannot be relied on to contribute towards household expenses. Filu is in constant prayer for her husband and has faith that his issues with alcohol and violent behavior will be changed as he sees Christ in her. Filu is also actively working to change the lives of her children by teaching them about God and encouraging them to work hard in school. Her children also learn from her example as she leads them in walking the six-mile journey to worship together to midweek services.   

Knowing that she cannot depend on the wages her husband earns, Filu has found work as a housemaid in various homes, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she lost those jobs. Her family's desperate need and resilient character drove her to continue searching for work and miraculously she found a position at a medical shop as a cleaning assistant. She is grateful to be earning some income, but there is still a big gap between what she is paid and the expenses she is forced to shoulder on her own. Filu and her children have requested assistance to pay for groceries and rent expenses.

Thanks to the generous donations of ETF contributors,

this need has been met! 

When the opportunity came for Savita and Vishal to move into a one bedroom flat, it was like a dream come true. They were ecstatic to move out of the hut they had been living in with their 7-year-old son, Joel, and finally have a bedroom, separate kitchen, and private bathroom. They could have never imagined that God had orchestrated their move for an even greater purpose. It just so happened, that the flat they moved into placed them in the same apartment block as Nilesh and Vaishali, two faithful disciples of Christ in Mumbai, India. The disciples shared their faith and in 2014 Savita and Vishal were baptized into Christ!

In March of 2020, India issued major lock-downs throughout the country due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The shutdown made it impossible for Savita to continue her job as a housemaid and Vishal to work servicing sleep apnoea equipment. Although they do not currently have a steady income, the generosity of disciples around them has carried them through. Savita and Vishal are eager to renter the workforce, but as they navigate theses unusual times, they need your help.

Thanks to the generous donations of ETF contributors,

this need has been met! 

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