Reena is a faithful disciple of the Mumbai Church. Sanjana, her teenage daughter, is also a disciple. Her husband and her younger son (Ashish, 15), however, are not. They live in a one-bedroom apartment, and she is the only earner in the family.

She has a growth in her throat, and the doctors are performing various tests to diagnose it and set a date for surgery.

Any assistance with her surgery and medications would be greatly appreciated.

Request: $250

General profile for COVID needs, the construction of an elderly home and/or orphanage, and other urgent needs of families in India.

Ammini got baptized in 2002, when the church started in Calicut. She joined with the mission team and literally being a part and parcel of the mission team, helping and guiding them to go to different places to share faith, gave them food and directions. She was extremely fruitful and her fervor for evangelism still continues. She reached out to lot of her friends and acquaintances, even her grand children Sandra and Sayanth. 

When Ammini was 14 years old her father’s brother raped her and she became pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl, Sandhya. But, in the background, her family was planning to give the baby away without letting Ammini know about this. Ammini, somehow came to know about this plot and she grabbed the baby and whatever she could handle, ran away from her home town in Pathanamthitta to the north part of Kerala, Calicut, and ended up being in an orphanage along with her baby. As a teenager and having a baby and being alone in a strange place, she went through a lot. In the orphanage though, she found another teenager Sujatha, who would baby sit young Sandhya while Ammini go for work. Later as years went by, Ammini and Sujatha decided to find a place and live together. But when Ammini decided to became a disciple in 2002 at the age of 44, Sujatha became like her enemy, started persecuting her. So many times Sujatha kicked Ammini and her daughter out of the house. Sandhya married in 1999 and in 2017 her husband died due to liver sclerosis. Sandhya has 2 children and Last year Sandra and Sayanth became disciples and the strain in the house increased so much. 

Ammini is 65 years old right now, she takes care of three ministries in Calicut, she is one of the pillars of the church, while she was working in different houses as a maid all the way through. Feeding so many, including the mission team to Calicut, being persecuted many times while evangelizing and doing follow-ups with the people she invited. Her love for God is amazing. She is a great prayer warrior.

Currently, Ammini has high BP, has an ear balance problem and allied health issues that prevents her to continue her work as a house maid.  We would request for her to get good medical treatment because she is aging and unable to work (she is counting on Government facilities till now for her medical needs, finding good treatment in our Govt facilities is like winning a lottery). Thank you for considering her needs.

Request: $1,000

Geetha comes from a Hindu background and does not qualify for government assistance due to her ethnicity. She was invited to the Chruch by a neighbour disciple Ajitha and she came to the church and in due course of time put her faith in Jesus and became a disciple in 2017, facing the ire of the nearby community. She stood strong during those tough times. Ajitha and Geetha were abundantly fruitful, reaching out to Geetha’s mother Laxmi, and other neighbours Vilasini, Rajalakshmi, Seena etc. All of them are from Hindu backgrounds and became disciple during the Covid affected years 2018 and 2019. (We are very grateful to let you know, all of them received some kind of benevolence from the Church in the form of medicine, groceries and money during those difficult times). Geetha’s immediate neighbour Sunny is coming to the church currently and has expressed his desire to study the Bible.

A year after she became a disciple, Geetha lost her husband who was struggling with blood cancer. While he was in the bed Geetha came out of the house to do whatever work comes into her hand, like domestic help or door-to-door sales etc, and took care of her husband, mother and two daughters. After his demise Geetha is still working as a domestic help and doing her part well. She would not miss giving to God what she could afford every month.

The reason for this request for help is this: Geetha struggles with mild depression time to time and she has low sodium saturation. When this happens, she would sit at home and cry, even when she comes to church she would be crying during the fellowship. We were providing her with necessary medicines whenever she needed it. Geetha has two daughters, elder one is twenty year old and the younger is fourteen. They both have a situation that their skin develops small lump formation. Their father had bigger ones all over his body. Now the lumps are small, new ones come up as time goes by, and it grows also, but it is painless lumps under the skin. This makes the girls very insecure and hopeless, because their chances of getting married or finding a job is grim. As far as we know, such skin situation remains throughout their life time, new ones appear time to time and those lumps grow also.

We also do not know how to help them or what would bring about a sustainable help for them. Kindly consider this, as we are also praying and begging God to show us some way out. And we hope something will come in handy for helping this family.

Thank you!

Request is $1,000

My name is Rajappa and my wife’s name is Rebecca. I was baptized in the year 2012 and my wife followed in 2014. We have 2 wonderful children ages twelve and ten. I currently work for a private solar company and I am so grateful to still have my job.

During the pandemic, I was unable to work for two years due to the shutdown, but our bills continued to come in and I was forced to ask for loans just to keep our family fed and our children in school. My salary has also decreased since the lockdown and although I have been asking for an increase they have not approved it.

Due to trying to pay back what we owe, my current salary is not enough for me to keep up with payments and provide food for my wife, children, and widowed mother. I have not been able to sleep properly due to a lot of worry for our future. I pray that you will find it in your heart to help us through what has been some of the most difficult times in our life.

Request: $1,000

Aruna grew up in a non-Christian household, but has been an amazingly faithful disciple for more than 20 years.

In the past few years she has suffered the loss of a daughter, and endured seeing her husband go through various near-death health challenges.

The financial challenges she now endures is heavy. The medical bills for her husband and the funeral expenses for her daughter have brought upon a tremendous amount of added worry.

She and her family are in need of assistance to pay down their debt as they persevere through the hardships of these past few years.

Thank you!

Request $1,000

My name is Beena and my family and I started attending church in 1996 and we have been a disciple for the last 26 years, Dad, Mom and 3 sister and a brother, we lived a very happy life in Christ.

In 2017, my father was hospitalized due to stroke and brain hemorrhage, he was bed-ridden for 2 years and then in 2019 he passed away. We have still not cleared the loans that we had taken for dad's treatment meanwhile mom fell sick.

My mother, Vineela, is in MICU in St John's Hospital, Bangalore. She was brought to the emergency with a complaint of low oxygen but later was diagnosed with pneumonia while she was being treated for lungs, she had a heart attack and her Oxygen BP dropped drastically, immediately she was put on ventilation.

As per Doctors advice she might have to be in the MICU for another two weeks and then ITU observation for 2 weeks depending on her recovery, the bills are going up and up.            

We have already paid large amount to the hospitals through loans from others.

In this situation whatever we get will be a great help for us, only my sister has a stable job and everyone else holds temporary jobs, her earnings will not be enough to meet all the needs and clear loans.

We will be grateful whatever help we are able to receive. Thank you!

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

My name is Mayavati. I got baptized back in the 2020. We are a total of 7 members of the Buddhist family. My mom and all my sisters also became disciples of Jesus.

Our daily expenses are increasing day by day and my elder sister alone is working and taking care of all of us with her $15,000 (rupees) salary as of now. 17 years back we left our village and moved to town (Bidar,Karnataka) for higher studies. Since then we have been staying in a rented house which costs $4,000 (rupees) per month, and my elder sister stays in a rented house in Hyderabad.

After the death of my dad, my mom became weak and fell sick often. The doctors are saying her Blood Pressure is low and she needs to care for herself. Not only that my health has also not been good for 2 years. I have suffered from Anemia and I also need to take injections continuously to increase my blood level. Due to this not able not focus on my studies.

Recently 2 months back my grandmother fell down and her leg broken. She is not able to walk anymore and she is staying with us. Because of pain she is crying and shouting and our house owner is telling us to vacate the house. We need to move to another place at the earliest. We need to pay our debts also. It is very hard to find houses because prices are very high and facing a lot of water issues in many houses.

All these issues make us disturbed and stressed. No financial support from relatives and no one supporting us because we became disciples.

We all are praying and hoping in God only. We are requesting $1000.

Thanking you Sister.

Mayavati From Bidar Church, Karnataka, INDIA.

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

My name is Pushpa I became a disciple in the year 2012. My childhood was very difficult so I married very early in life. After having one daughter, my husband passed away from a massive heart attack the same year I became a disciple. Sharon, my daughter, is 12 years old and enrolled in the 8th grade.

I work as an office assist at a nonprofit organization and earn a little less than $200 per month. Our economic situation is not good. I have to pay her school admission fees for this year, and I have a lot of fears about our future, my child's education, and keeping up with household expenses.

Please pray for us and also if possible, please extend your generous support, we will ever be grateful to you!

Request: $650

My name is Lazarus. I am 47 years old and live in Omaha, NE, USA. I was born in Bentu, South Sudan. I contracted polio at the age of 7 and have been unable to walk since then. I grew up in a time where civil war and unrest was prevalent. Due to religious persecution, at the age of 17, I had to crawl for 9 months to Ethiopia where I spent the next 15 years in refugee camps.

I migrated to the US in 1998. Since living in the US, I have made several trips back to Africa to preach and teach. I started a house church in my home in Omaha, connecting to many Sudanese refugees.

I have spent most of my life working as a missionary in the Presbyterian tradition I was brought up under. In 2017, I made a missionary trip to Sudan, where I was given a flesh-eating bacterium. Ultimately, this required sixteen months of convalescent care. The bacteria took all the fingers of my left hand and left significant scarring up my left arm.

I was held hostage for almost two years in Sudan and Ethiopia on my last missionary trip, returning to the US in very poor health in January of 2021. My wife had decided to leave me during this time and left me with a lot of debt, including over $12,000 in back rent to the Omaha Housing Authority.

We have been able to secure some outside assistance, and the church in Omaha has really stepped up to support me. I got connected to the church in Omaha in Aug of 2021, and became a disciple, as outlined by God’s word, on September 2, 2021, when I was baptized into Christ.

I continue to connect with my former house church members and share with them the entirety of the good news and connect them to the church. Please pray for our planting and watering of God’s word.

I know the Omaha church will participate in helping my rent needs. I am faithful that God will continue to open doors for us here.

Thanks be to God.

Request: $10,000 for outstanding debts

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