Aldo and his wife Patricia have been faithful disciples for five and fourteen years respectively. They have two young daughters and their entire family is an indispensable part of their small congregation of twelve in Leon, Nicaragua. Due to the devastating economic situation in Nicaragua, both Aldo and Patricia have been unemployed since June 2020. Thanks to the generosity of family, friends, and the church they have manged to get by.

However, their need for food, basic utilities, and medicine have exceeded the limitations of their humble supports and they need help. They are requesting $350 to assist them basic needs for a month as they continue to search for employment. Your consideration and support will make a great difference to this family.

Greetings dear brothers and sisters, my husband Rafael and I have been disciples for 21 years. We are active members in the eastern region of the Mexico City Church. We have joyfully served in the children’s ministry, victory ministry, as Bible Talk leaders, sector leaders, and as pastors. We have two college aged children who are currently in school and my husband and I sell pet food at different markets to make a living.

On July 28, 2020, my husband began to experience a series of health complications including clots, major bleeding, seizures and loss of consciousness. He was hospitalized and kept on a ventilator for seven days. Doctors are still unsure what caused all of these issues, but the damage to his organs has been severe. He is currently suffering from inflammation in the brain, kidney damage, intestinal paralysis, liver damage, water retention in the lungs and prostate issues. The toxins in his system continue to rise and his condition remains critical. We trust and hope in God for a speedy recovery and appreciate your prayers.

Due to the pandemic, our income has greatly diminished, and my husband's hospitalization has made it impossible for us to resume our work. Due to our great need, we request $1,000 to assist is with medical bills, nutritional needs, and housing expenses.

Yinka and his wife Kehinde have been strong disciples for over 28 years in the Ogba-Agege Region of the Lagos Church in Nigeria. Yinka manages a viewing center near his home and Kehinde is a merchant trader. During this pandemic, most of their student customers chose to quarantine out of fear for their health and unknown repercussions of COVID-19. Adding to this hardship, the country’s customer safety measures have prevented many businesses from succeeding and unfortunately, Yinka and Kehindee experienced this firsthand with their jobs. They hope to regain their client base soon and begin working again. Yinka and Kehinde are requesting $300 in financial assistance to buy groceries during this difficult time.

Imomoh is a single mother part of the Ikorodu region of the Lagos Church in Nigeria. She works incredibly hard to support her family but unfortunately, her income is not enough to provide for the needs of her three children. Prior to the pandemic, Imomoh struggled to feed her children on regular basis. As COVID-19, continues to spread throughout Nigeria, Imomoh must fight even harder to gain a source of income for her family. She is requesting assistance to pay rent and purchase groceries to feed her family.

Thanks to generous donations from ETF contributors, this need has been met!

Emeribe and his wife are members of the Lagos Church in Lagos, Nigeria. They have faithfully served Christ for many years and love being a part of the family ministry. Emeribe is the sole provider for his family of five and recently lost his job during the pandemic. His wife has been unable to find work during this time and they are in desperate need. Africa has faced a deep financial hardship and their hope is to find jobs immediately. The family is requesting $500 to help them feed their four children and pay bills.

Virginia is a 70-year-old sister who lives in Tlaxcala and has been faithful to Christ for 22 years. Two years ago she was diagnosed with kidney cancer and underwent surgery to help with her condition. She lives with her adult son who has an intellectual disability. Despite his challenges, managed to find employment and became the household financial provider. Virginia supplements their income by making and selling artisan dolls, but due to the pandemic, her son lost his job and she has been able to sell any dolls.

Their financial hardships have made it impossible for them to keep up with all their bills and they now owe five months of rent. They are at risk of losing their home, and Virginia has not been able to have any follow up medical care because they cannot afford it. Their situation is critical, and lately even having enough to eat has become a challenge. The church in Tlaxcala has stepped in to help, but their resources are very limited and Virginia and her son have many needs.

The family is requesting assistance with rent, groceries, and medical costs. Your assistance will go a long way to help this family through this very difficult time.

Thanks to generous ETF contributors

this need has been met!

Blanca was baptized 18 years ago in the Guadalajara church. She is an enthusiastic and helpful sister that often serves as a children's ministry teacher. Unfortunately, she is one of the many people who have been infected with COVID-19. After being hospitalized for five days she did not respond to the treatment well and unfortunately had to be intubated.

Blanca is a single mother of three children and the only source of income for her household. When pandemic began, Blanca’s company cut her salary drastically and now that she has been hospitalized, she will only be paid for a set amount of sick days. The church in Guadalajara has been helping as much as possible, but assistance is still greatly needed.

On the morning on morning of August 14, 2020 our dear sister passed away due to heart complications that were exasperated by COVID-19. Her passing was unexpected and the family is grieving and working through many issues. In the midst of this tragedy, the family has expressed immense gratitude to the generous ETF donors that provided assistance for Blanca's back owed rent and funeral expenses.

Nancy is a single mom and a dear sister in the Oaxaca Church. Her life was transformed when she learned about Christ two years ago. Nancy and her daughters Evelyn (11), and Kimberly (7) has quickly become an example of faith and trust. Nancy works at a shoe store, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic she is currently unemployed. Kimberly was born with a condition called spastic cerebral microcephaly that has confined her to a wheelchair. Despite the challenges they face daily, Kimberly brings joy to her family and continues to defy medical expectations.

Kimberly needs therapy, but Nancy has been unable to pay for any sessions due to the financial constraints she is currently facing. The family is requesting $300 to cover the costs of three months of therapy. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

Sara was baptized on August 7, 2013. She is a single mother and lives with her two children, Juan and Daniela. Sara is fighter, a faithful disciple, and dedicates most of her energy to the care of children. She and her family  live in one of the most dangerous areas in Medellín, known as the Pablo Escobar neighborhood. The safety of their family is a constant cause for concern, but Sara continues to put God first despite their difficulties.

Sara works as an artisan making handmade goods but, she is currently unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Her family needs assistance to meet basic needs such as groceries and rent. Your donation toward their $300 request will be an invaluable contribution to this family.

Manuel and Susana have each been disciples for more than ten years. Their dedication and evangelistic hearts have brought many to the faith. They met at a church conference in Argentina and have now been married for two years. They have two daughters Ariana, (16 years old) and Martina (1 year old). Manuel is an excellent racquetball instructor and has made a career as a coach for more than 15 years.

In March 2020, the country of Bolivia declared a state of emergency due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. The government suspended all sporting activities across the country making it impossible for Manuel to continue working as a coach. Manuel is doing his best to secure work as an English teacher online, but he has not been able to earn enough money to pay rent. During this unforeseeable crisis, the family is requesting $1,000 to assist them with the four months of rent they owe. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

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