Rorie, 39 years old, a loving wife, and a mother of two Kissley & Karl, has been a faithful disciple of ICOC Cagayan De Oro in the Philippines. Back in 2023, Rorie was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Cervical cancer). Due to her health condition, she was not able to work, and her sister took care of her two kids. She depended on her father & mother-in-law for support regarding her medicines, chemotherapy, and other medical expenses. Although her husband lost his full-time job, he worked hard to support his children, especially Rorie, by trying all the available jobs.

Last Monday, March 24, 2023, Rorie was admitted due to intolerable pain, low hemoglobin, and creatinine issues; until today, she is still in the hospital. The recommendation was to continue the prescribed medication, check-ups, and laboratory tests. Still, due to a lack of finances, she partially took the meds and treatments except for the food supplements donated and given by some relatives and friends. Any support you can provide to ease Rorie's burden during these challenging times will be greatly appreciated. May the Lord bless you in so many ways.

Request: $1,000

I am John Edward, and I reside in Tamil Nadu, India. I have been a disciple for the past 32 years. Life has been an incredible journey filled with lots of learning, challenges, and encouragement. I am grateful for God's kindness to me and my family.

I have been associated with the HOPE Foundation for almost a decade now. In 2020-21, I was diagnosed with Myelofibrosis Grade 3 (Blood Cancer) and Massive Splenomegaly, with my spleen growing to a size of 33 cm. Despite facing personal health challenges, including being diagnosed with Blood Cancer (Myelofibrosis Grade 3), Massive Splenomegaly, and Thyroid issues, my wife and I continued to serve at the HOPE Foundation in Chennai, India, at the HIV Infected and Affected Girls Orphanage. However, I recently had to redirect my focus due to my mother's health challenges in Bangalore. Nevertheless, I have continued to serve at the HOPE Orphanage with the strength God provides me daily. I find myself in a position of need, seeking assistance for my health treatment. With immediate effect, I am scheduled to undergo Splenectomy, a significant open surgery, in the second week of April 2024. In this hour of need, I request your prayers and support as I prepare for this procedure. Your encouragement and assistance would be invaluable as I navigate this challenging chapter of my life.

Request $1,000

My name is Karina García. I am 48 years old, and with God's favor, I have been a disciple for 24 years, of which, by His grace, for 13 years, I was a full-time minister Monterrey Mexco. My husband and I have been ministering in Monterrey for ten years. Currently, I am working on my own, and I am suffering from health situations, specifically with my thyroid. Lately, a tumor in my ovary has reappeared, which up to now has manifested itself with medium-grade alterations. Since medical services do not cover them, further tests and treatments can be expensive. Additionally, my husband is suffering from stage 4 prostate cancer.
We have faith in God that we will overcome this challenge and that He will protect us during our medical tests and treatments. We hope that our condition and diagnosis will not worsen and that we will receive the care we need to recover. I am reaching out to ETF for help with my medical needs. Thank you in advance for your help and prayers. May God bless you and multiply your acts of kindness towards his people.

Request $1,000

At just 22, Hanna Bharti, a devoted member of the Delhi Church in India, faces an unimaginable challenge. Diagnosed with both a brain tumor and tuberculosis, Hanna demonstrates remarkable courage and unwavering determination.

Tragedy struck Hanna early in life when she lost her mother due to medical complications during her teenage years. Now, with her father, a shoe factory worker, struggling financially to support the family, the burden of Hanna's medical bills feels insurmountable, especially with two younger siblings depending on him. Despite these hardships, Hanna remains a dedicated student, steadfast in her pursuit of becoming a nurse. Remarkably, she's in her final year of nursing school, having secured a full scholarship.

Your help will relieve Hanna's financial burden and enable her to receive the medical assistance she needs during this difficult time.

Request $1,000

Martha Rosa, a faithful disciple of the Nicaragua Church for four years, found her life taking an unexpected turn when she was recently diagnosed with stage 3B cervical cancer. As a result of Martha Rosa's health diagnosis, she embarked on a journey of treatment and recovery, guided by her faith and the unwavering support of her church community. Martha Rosa recommended that a mammogram, a bone marrow biopsy and aspiration, a pelvic ultrasound, and an ultra-vaginal examination be performed. Her treatment plan also includes a strict diet in addition to these medical procedures.

Martha Rosa is facing a challenging journey and is seeking assistance from ETF to cover her medical expenses and dietary needs. Your generous support can directly impact her ability to access necessary medical care and maintain a healthy diet, significantly enhancing her chances of a successful recovery. Your contribution can make a difference in her life.

Request $1,000

My name is Laura Estela, and I am an active member of ICOC in Saltillo, Mexico. In 2018, I took a significant step in my spiritual journey by becoming a disciple and receiving baptism. Since then, I have been actively involved in various church activities, including volunteering in childcare alongside my fellow sisters.

In early 2019, my life took an unexpected turn. I noticed a small lump on the left side of my neck. Initially, I dismissed it as a minor issue, but as time passed, the lump grew larger. Concerned about my health, I sought medical attention. After undergoing a series of tests and evaluations, I received a devastating diagnosis: stage 4 papillary cancer. The news hit me, and I felt overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty. Despite the daunting diagnosis, I was determined to fight this battle.

I needed a treatment plan that included radioactive iodine therapy, which was unavailable in my city. This meant traveling to other states for treatment, adding to the already mounting medical expenses. The financial burden was immense. My husband, relatives, and church community generously offered their support, but the costs remained overwhelming. Each month, I faced an average of $6,000 in expenses for consultations, tests, medications, and travel. Despite the challenges, I remain hopeful and determined to overcome this obstacle. I am seeking financial assistance to cover the ongoing medical expenses. Your generosity would alleviate the financial strain and allow me to focus on my health and recovery. Thank you for considering my request.

Request $1,000

My name is José Carlos. I was baptized on May 12, 1991, at Triangle Church of Christ in North Carolina, United States, while pursuing my master's degree at Duke University. That same year, upon completing my studies, I returned to my hometown in Mexico and joined the newly planted mission, the Church of Christ in Guadalajara, Jalisco. I even served as a church administrator for many years. During this time, my sister was baptized, and I met my wife, whom I later married. We have been married for 26 years, and God has blessed us with a son, Ian, who is now 23 years old and has been a disciple for five years.

In March 2021, I was diagnosed with a Stage 2 Metastatic Neuroendocrine Tumor, possibly originating in the stomach. Since then, I have undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy treatments. I have been fortunate to have comprehensive medical insurance, as well as the unwavering emotional, spiritual, and physical support of my family and church, for which I am deeply grateful. I am convinced of God's compassion for my life, as I have remained stable throughout this ordeal.

I once again turn to God and to you, my brothers and sisters, to seek your support, this time also financially. After two years of medical expenses, my insurance has reached its limits and can no longer cover my ongoing medical needs. My current income is insufficient to cover my doctor's visits, medical tests, and medication. I am humbly reaching out to you, requesting your assistance in covering my medication expenses for the next few months. The cost of medication is substantial, and any contribution you can make would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your generosity. I will be forever grateful for your help.

Request $1,000

Lissette has been a faithful disciple of El Salvador Church, her unwavering faith a source of inspiration to all who know her. Recently, Lissette received a devastating diagnosis of Uterine Cancer, casting a shadow of worry over her family. She urgently needs a surgical procedure to remove the tumor.
Facing this challenge alone, Lissette's family, also disciples, finds themselves in a difficult financial situation. Without social security to fall back on, they must bear the entire cost of the surgery, estimated at $6,000. Lissette humbly reached out to ETF, seeking your compassionate support and helping her receive the life-saving treatment she needs. Every donation, no matter how small, will bring her closer to a successful recovery. Your kindness will not only alleviate their financial burden but also give them the hope and strength they need during this trying time.

Request $1,000

Vasanti, a faithful sister and member of the Mumbai Church, is facing a financial crisis due to her recent lung cancer diagnosis. Despite successfully recovering from breast cancer last year, she is now battling a new health challenge. The cost of her chemotherapy treatment is estimated to be INR 100,000, an expense that her family cannot afford on their own. In dire need of financial assistance, Vasanti's family is pleading with ETF for support to cover the cost of her treatment.

As we all fervently pray for Vasanti's health and recovery. Any financial support, no matter how small, would be deeply appreciated. Your generosity will not only help Vasanti receive the medical care she needs but also provide her family with peace of mind during this challenging time. Thank you so much in advance.

Request $1,000

This is my father, Reynaldo C. Jocson, also known as "Daddy Arjay" to many. He has been a disciple for 7 years and was baptized on December 4, 2016, in ICOC Makati with the Seniors Ministry. Growing up, I learned many things from him about serving even as a pre-teen. In 1998, I became a disciple through Bible studies and eventually served full-time as staff at Metro Manila Christian Church (ICOC Philippines) in 2020. My dad loves the fellowship, his bible studies and hanging out with the Seniors as much as he can during those days he was still agile. He already suffered a stroke, survived a triple by pass operation, and is diabetic among others.

In March 2023, he was admitted to the ICU due to persistent diarrhea that was worsening his bedsores. He has been confined to the Lung Center of the Philippines ever since. He has been diagnosed with several medical conditions including Status Epilepticus, Acute Respiratory Failure, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia, CAD, HCVD, Diabetes Mellitus, and Acute Kidney Injury. I am the eldest of four siblings and we all contribute to my father's medical needs and expenses, along with other relatives. Despite our efforts, we are struggling to keep up with the accumulating hospital bills. I try to visit my dad every day during visiting hours, to read him a verse or two, talk to him and pray for his recovery. It brings us immense joy when he opens his eyes and is awake at times. Our family draws strength and comfort from God, and we will continue to fight for our dad's health as long as we can. We are humbly seeking any financial assistance that can help us in this difficult time. Thank you for taking the time to read our brief story. God bless.

Request $1,000

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