Hello, beloved disciples. My name is Juan Carlos and I am writing to you to tell you about my loving wife Norelyn.

Norelyn has been a faithful disciple and member of the ICOC Mindoro, Philippines for the past 8 years. Norelyn and I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter and we have served faithfully in our church community for many years.

Earlier this year, Norelyn was diagnosed with stage 3C breast cancer. She has undergone a mastectomy, and currently she is doing chemotherapy. The road ahead of us is not easy, but we are hopeful and feel very blessed to have the support of the local fellowship.

We are seeking your financial assistance to pay for Norelyn’s continued treatments and we ask that you please pray for her healing as well. May the Good Lord bless you and enrich you a thousandfold. Thank you and take care always.

Request: $1,000

Hello brothers and sisters, my name is Elgie and I have been a disciple for two years in the Kinshasa Church of Christ. When my husband died the life of my children and I changed forever. We were unable to keep our home and we had to move to a more rural area.

Thanks to the advice and support of my sisters in Christ, I started to sell fried fish and prepared spices, but even with all this hard work it has been very difficult to provide for my children. I am seeking your support to buy groceries and other basic needs as we work through this difficult time. Thank you so much and God bless!

Request: $800

I came to know Jesus through my husband's faith. He introduced me to the church and I made Jesus Lord more than 26 years ago. My husband and I are very grateful for the love we see in church and feel privileged to serve our community.

For years, I have suffered from anemia, respiratory infections, and other issues that have compromised my immune system. Doctors provided several misdiagnosis, but thankfully I am now on the correct medications for my condition. My husband and I are hard workers, but the cost of this new medication is beyond our reach so we are asking you, our brothers and sisters, to assist us with this expense.

Thank you and God bless!

Request: $800

Dear brothers and sisters 

Meet Nadim from Lebanon, a faithful member of Lebanon Church of Christ. The story of Nadim reflects the amazing grace and outstanding ways of God. Nadim grew up in an orphanage and at the age of 28 he got married and had three beautiful boys.

Life in Lebanon can be very difficult, but right before hitting bottom God interfered. While working in an ice cream store, he ran into a friend from the orphanage, Georges, who happened to be a member of the Lebanon Church of Christ. Georges invited him to study the Bible and Nadim was baptized into Christ.

Today he and his family are struggling to pay even basic things like the water bill. Nadim and his family are asking for your help to pay for their children’s school tuition during this difficult time in their life.

We thank you for your generosity and love for the family.

Request: $1,000

I would like to introduce to you Norma, a faithful member of Lebanon Church of Christ since 2014. Norma was invited to attend a ceremony by her friend where she fell in love with Jesus. Throughout the years all members and ministers have experienced her love, devotion, and commitment for the body of Christ. She is always ready to serve and help others, giving all glory to God, despite her health condition.

Norma is 65 years old and has heart problems that have led her to have open-heart surgery, and develop other conditions.

It has been very hard for her for the past 4 years due to the prevailing economic situation in Lebanon.

She is a devoted mother of four children, three of which are still living with her. It has been very tough for the entire family since she was working as a part time babysitter; her husband works as a taxi driver and three of her children were unemployed for the past two years. They just started working in order to cover basic needs.

On Sunday the 18th of July while going back home after attending the church service, Norma tripped and fell down the stairs. She was admitted to the hospital due to the severe injuries in her face and body. She does not have insurance coverage and is in great need for your support and help so she could pay part of the hospital bill.

I thank you for your generous hearts.

Request: $1,000

Josefina is eighty three years old. She has three adult children who have faithfully followed Christ for many years and continuously reached out to her throughout their walks.

Her eldest daughter decided to invite her aging mother to live with her, and while living there, Josefina fell in love with the fellowship, studied the Bible and was baptized into Christ more than three years ago. Though Josefina is spiritually vibrant, she is currently suffering due to many health conditions. The most pressing issue at the time is an eye surgery she urgently needs to reattach her retina and save her eyesight. Your love and financial support is greatly appreciated!

Request: $1,000

Dear brothers and sisters,

My name is Norma and together with my husband Armando we have been a part of the church in Mexico for 27 years. He arrived in 1994 at the age of 17 and has served fervently in the youth and worship ministry for most of his discipleship. I can share as a faithful witness of my husband’s walk with God that he has been an inspiration to many and a great example to our children Sebastián, 14 years old and Fernanda, 12 years old.

My husband is 44 years old and currently hospitalized (since July 8, 2021) for COVID and complications from pneumonia. At home, my children and I are also all positive for COVID.

In April 2020, I lost my job due to the pandemic and I am still unemployed. My husband has been the sole provider of the family for more than a year now and since he is unable to work, I am requesting your support to cover the expenses of medical costs, and daily expenses while we endure this trial with faith and hope. May God bless you abundantly!

Hello brothers and sisters, my name is Sandra and together with my husband, we have been leading the church in Aguascalientes for the past 11 years.

Twenty-five years ago, I had an operation on my left eye for acute myopia. The surgery went well and I suffered no complications until last week when my retina detached. The detachment was minimal, but I urgently need another surgery to reattach my retina before it disintegrates and I lose my vision completely.

The cost of the surgery is $1,500 and we have managed to save a portion of the money, but we are seeking your assistance to help us pay for the rest of the cost. I deeply appreciate your support for myself and the many disciples that have been helped by generous individuals like yourself. God bless you!

Request: $850

I came to the church through a disciple I met at work, we became friends, he invited me to church and though I resisted at first, I stayed because they introduced me to God and I saw His love in them.

More than three years ago I began to have difficulty sleeping at night and during the day I did not have the strength to do anything. My symptoms became worse, and eventually a doctor diagnosed me with depression and anxiety. I was prescribed an antidepressant and later some additional medications to help me cope. After I received treatment, things improved tremendously.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the government suspended my medical benefits and I was no longer eligible to receive medication. Without the assistance of the public health sector, the cost of the treatment I need is beyond my reach. I am seeking your assistance to finance my healthcare costs so that I can regain the strength to start working again. Thank you in advance for your compassion and generosity.

Request: $1,000

In the course of a year and a half, India has registered nearly 30,700,000 cases of COVID, Many lives have been lost, and many others have been changed forever. By the grace of God, the number of new cases has significantly dropped, but the needs of our brothers and sisters are still growing everyday.

Throughout the churches in India, there are many brothers and sisters in search of help with medical bills, funeral expenses, and assistance with rent, groceries, and basic needs.

As our family of believers fight to overcome the affects of this terrible virus, they need your help! Please consider donating to help some of the most hard hit people in the world. God bless!

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