The Church in Tbilisi, Georgia is trying to finish their church location so they don’t have to rent a place anymore and have a more permanent meeting place where they can host regular times of worship. Construction has slowed down tremendously due to their lack of funding. They have received some support from US churches, but they have also had to use funds from their regular collection in order to keep things moving forward.

The church is seeking support to have the following items built/installed.

1. Wall

2. Electric system

3. Floor

4. Ventilation

5. Toilet

6. Equipment for entrance

7. Paint work

8. Furniture and some equipment for the hall.

Request: $21,000

My name is Carlos V, I have been a disciple and part of the Church of Christ in Tijuana, Mexico for 22 years. My wife Karla Valdez who is also a disciple. We thank you with all our hearts for all the help you are providing to disciples like me who are in need of support while we go through difficulties and we do not have the resources to be able to solve them.

I was deported approximately 13 years ago from the USA. My wife, who is a US citizen left her country to  live with me in Mexico. My father, who has also been a US citizen for 4 years, is living with us in Tijuana. Unfortunately, they are both going through severe illnesses; my father is on hemodialysis and my wife suffers from several chronic health conditions. Both have been hospitalized several times in the US and due to my immigration status, I have not been able to be with them in those moments when they have needed my help and company the most. After seeing everything they have gone through, I feel more than ever  for the love I have for them to try to fix my immigration status through an Immigration lawyer and to be able to have my legal Visa to be able to enter the USA and support them when they go through those situations and needs.

It is for this reason that I ask for your support to be able to pay for said lawyer, since I do not have the necessary resources to be able to do so.

I thank you in advance for your help.

May God take care of you and bless you always.

The Middle East is a beautiful region rich in natural resources, history, and culture. Its significance to many has created unseemly never-ending wars and conflicts that have caused the displacement of over 20 million people. Research on the needs in the region show that nearly 35 million require daily humanitarian assistance. (Pew Research Center)

The hardships that follow from living in a conflict zone spare no one and many of our brothers and sisters in this area are in urgent need of our help. The financial instability that our spiritual family faces is grave. Toppled governments and civil unrest makes it nearly impossible to earn a living, especially when the valuation of your country's currency is on a steep decline.

Below are the present needs for 10 disciple families/individuals. As always, 100% of your contributions will go directly to assist our brothers and sisters. God bless!

Request: 10,000

Hi everyone, my name is Celeste. I have been a disciple for 24 years. When I first came to church and became a Christian, my husband was not on board. I prayed for more than 50 years and after praying and praying, Victor finally became a Christian 10 years ago. I spent several years in the single women's ministry, and when Victor was baptized, I was able to finally be in the marrieds ministry.

Unfortunately, Victor suffered from various illnesses, including heart problems. On December 24, 2021, he passed away after complications in his digestive system that they could not repair with surgery due to his heart.

I am currently looking for support to cover some of the expenses I have incurred related to his death, specifically some legal costs that I need to pay for. I am in need of $900 to pay for the attorney fees. Thank you so much for your consideration!

This is our sister Marina with her mother and her son. They are finally in Warsaw. Unfortunately, Marina and her son have Russian passports, and they do not qualify for refugee assistance in Poland.

Marina can get an assistant status for her disabled mom, which will will help her and her family to stay in Poland legally. Their plan is to go to Gdańsk and find an apartment and job.

The ongoing war has devastated the lives of many. Brothers and sisters in both Ukraine and Russia are faced with the choice of remaining in an active war zone or fleeing and leaving everything they know behind.

We are humbly asking for your support to directly help disciples as they brave these terrible circumstances. Your support now, means more than ever.

Request: $1,000

Hello, my name is Ivette and I have been a disciple of Jesus since 1994. I am single and a mother of 2 children. It's been 2 years since I had a stroke, which means that I can no longer work, because I have depressions at times. My children still go to school and I have no source of income for their care. I survive thanks to the help of my big sister and the church.

I am therefore requesting assistance of $600 dollars to cover my medication costs, my rent and to feed my children.

God bless you !

My name is Lazarus. I am 47 years old and live in Omaha, NE, USA. I was born in Bentu, South Sudan. I contracted polio at the age of 7 and have been unable to walk since then. I grew up in a time where civil war and unrest was prevalent. Due to religious persecution, at the age of 17, I had to crawl for 9 months to Ethiopia where I spent the next 15 years in refugee camps.

I migrated to the US in 1998. Since living in the US, I have made several trips back to Africa to preach and teach. I started a house church in my home in Omaha, connecting to many Sudanese refugees.

I have spent most of my life working as a missionary in the Presbyterian tradition I was brought up under. In 2017, I made a missionary trip to Sudan, where I was given a flesh-eating bacterium. Ultimately, this required sixteen months of convalescent care. The bacteria took all the fingers of my left hand and left significant scarring up my left arm.

I was held hostage for almost two years in Sudan and Ethiopia on my last missionary trip, returning to the US in very poor health in January of 2021. My wife had decided to leave me during this time and left me with a lot of debt, including over $12,000 in back rent to the Omaha Housing Authority.

We have been able to secure some outside assistance, and the church in Omaha has really stepped up to support me. I got connected to the church in Omaha in Aug of 2021, and became a disciple, as outlined by God’s word, on September 2, 2021, when I was baptized into Christ.

I continue to connect with my former house church members and share with them the entirety of the good news and connect them to the church. Please pray for our planting and watering of God’s word.

I know the Omaha church will participate in helping my rent needs. I am faithful that God will continue to open doors for us here.

Thanks be to God.

Request: $10,000 for outstanding debts

Good afternoon, 

My name is Gina and my husband and I became disciples in Port au Prince over 20 years ago. We have three children Yoni, Christian, and Gayou. Yoni and Christian are disciples, and our daughter Gayou is studying the bible. Currently, we live in Port a Piment in the South and I work as a photographer.

We gladly serve the church during special occasions, such as weddings, baptisms, graduations, and parties. We left Port au Port after an earthquake destroyed our home. We decided to restart our life in the South, but 11 years later a different earthquake destroyed part of our house and boutique.

We thank God because all of our family is alive and well and that’s the most important thing. But we are in need of your help as we once again rebuild our lives after the devastation the hurricane caused.

We trust God and we thank you for helping people in need like us. May God bless you!

Request: $800

Appollinaire and his wife Marie live in Bujumbura, Burundi. They have 6 children. Appollinaire was baptized on 17th May 2013. In that year, he was invited to bible talk by a disciple and he loved it. He then came to church and started studying the bible. It didn’t take long before he was baptized. He is a faithful disciple and a great servant at church. His wife studied the bible but she is yet to commit her life to Jesus. 

Appollinaire is the only bread winner in the family. He is hardworking in the construction field. Since Covid 19 struck the construction industry in Burundi was badly affected and rendered him jobless. He goes to construction sites regularly in search of work but he gets very few opportunities. He is requesting support to buy food for his family of eight.

Thank you so much for being of support to us and may God continue to bless your giving.

Support for ICOC Families in Mozambique

Especially The Family, in partnership with the Ascend Academy, would like to bring the needs of eight disciple families before you for your consideration. Their local church members have organized themselves carefully and are striving to help these families overcome the economic devastation they are facing.

The church in Mozambique has estimated that the total cost to help these families is $3,900 USD in total, an average of about $488 USD per family. The church benevolence group plans to work with the recipients to help them be successful in their use of these funds. We pray we can rally together to help them and receive some much needed relief.

Thanks for your consideration!   

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