Michael (85) and his wife Danawathi have been faithful disciples of the Ceylon Christian Church for more than 23 years. 

Michael is not able to work now due to his poor health condition.   His wife and his son both work to support the family but since those jobs are low paid jobs, they have been able to manage only their very basic needs with their earnings. 

Due to Michael’s health condition, he stays home all day.  Their house is in a bad condition and has a lot of repairs and also there is no proper ceiling which makes it very difficult to stay inside the house during the afternoons as the Asbestos sheet roof gets heated and releases the heat inside the building. 

Sri Lanka’s current economic crisis has made it very difficult for families such as Michaels. They cannot afford to pay for ceiling right now even though it is an important need.  They have kindly requested for financial support to fix their ceiling.

Request: $1,000

Hello, my name is José. I am 47 years old, and I am single with dreams of one day starting a family. When I was born, the doctors had to work hard to revive me because I was not breathing or responding. It is a miracle that I survived and I am happy that I found God in my lifetime and became a disciple. I have been faithful now for 22 years.

When the pandemic started, I was fired from my job due to some preexisting medical conditions, some of which are exasperated by some of the complications of my birth. My employers were simply too afraid the that I would not have the strength to weather the COVID wave. I have faith in God that I will find something soon, but for the time being, I am seeking your support to help ends meet. Thank you so much!

Our brother André Mbondo, a motor bike rider and his wife Therese Mbondo, a floor cleaner  are married with three small children. André is riding a motor bike to be able to provide for the needs of his family. This is an activity currently and widely seen all over Cameroon as a main form of transportation both in urban and rural places. This commercial activity puts food on the table of families as well as as other family needs.

Unfortunately André's motor bike has been damaged over the time since it was a third hand motor bike he bought three years ago to use it in the traffic. As we speak now, he can not work with it for a complete day without attending to a motor bike mechanic to have this or that spare part repaired or replaced. Our brother and his family are starving. It's very challenging to meet some of their basic needs.

The Mbondo family is seeking assistance to buy groceries and meet their family's basic needs while they work on repairing Andre's bike and regain their main form of family income. We thank you in advance!

Request: $1,000

Severe flooding has overwhelmed many areas in Nigeria. In Bayelsa State, more than 700,000 people have been displaced and unfortunately, the situation is worsening.

The Church in Yenagoa, Bayelsa have seen many of our brothers and sisters lose their homes due to flooding. Below is a list of 19 families including nearly 30 children and 30 adults who desperately need assistance during this extremely difficult time.

Request: $10,000

Youd has been a disciple for 20 years and Bronika for the past 15 years. God has blessed them with two beautiful daughters they are raising by the grace of God and His teachings. Both were working as part timers for the church in Jouba. Today, they are both out of work and trying to get through day by day by taking side jobs to be able to pay only for food. They are trying to find more stable, full-time jobs with no luck. Their daughters are getting sick with Malaria and the treatment is very expensive. They need every help with the basic needs and the house rent.

Request: 1,000

My name is Rajappa and my wife’s name is Rebecca. I was baptized in the year 2012 and my wife followed in 2014. We have 2 wonderful children ages twelve and ten. I currently work for a private solar company and I am so grateful to still have my job.

During the pandemic, I was unable to work for two years due to the shutdown, but our bills continued to come in and I was forced to ask for loans just to keep our family fed and our children in school. My salary has also decreased since the lockdown and although I have been asking for an increase they have not approved it.

Due to trying to pay back what we owe, my current salary is not enough for me to keep up with payments and provide food for my wife, children, and widowed mother. I have not been able to sleep properly due to a lot of worry for our future. I pray that you will find it in your heart to help us through what has been some of the most difficult times in our life.

Request: $1,000

Beatrice is a widow with 3 children, she has been a disciple for 23 years in Abule Egba Ota Region of Lagos Church. She has not been able to provide for her children or pay for their school fees because of a lack of finances. One of her children is still looking for a job to help with the family, while her other child takes odd jobs to contribute what she can. Her youngest, hasn't been able to attend school in a very long time and their family is struggling to stay afloat. Beatrice is requesting financial assistance to buy groceries and pay for rent at this time of extreme difficulty while she and her family seek better employment to stabilize. Thank you so much for your support. God bless.

Request: $1,000

Destiny has been a disciple for 3 years, in the Campus ministry of the Lagos church. He stays with his grandma who is elderly and is beginning to have some difficulty in keeping up with her work. Destiny works as a lift manager on campus, but there have been lags in his payment schedule. Destiny and his grandmother are requesting you help to make ends meet during this time of adjustment while they seek better employment. Your support will allow them to buy groceries, pay for rent, and pay for other essential needs at this time of difficulty.

Request: $600

The Atubeh family are members of the Ikorodu Region of the Lagos Church. Tope has been a disciple for 25 years, while her husband, Andrew, has been a disciple for 26 years. They have two daughters who are in high School. Andrew lost his job as a social worker as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. Tope is a teacher and earns very little. Life has been quite tough for this family since the Covid19 lockdown in Nigeria. Andrew has made many efforts to get a new job, but they haven't been fruitful yet. He sometimes takes manual labor jobs to provide to make ends meet so they are soliciting for help to buy groceries, and other basic necessities.

Request $1,000

Shehan and Pavithra have been disciples at the Ceylon Christian Church for over 6 years.  Shehan works as a manager in a cafe while his wife Pavithra is also employed as a marketing executive in a private organization. Their son Joshua (4) is currently attending pre-school. 

Just like many of the other families in Sri Lanka that are struggling due to the recent declining economic situation in this country, Shehan and Pavithra too are finding it difficult to manage their finances. 

They are requesting for assistance to support their house rent, grocery and utility bills especially due to the current economic crisis in Sri Lanka that has resulted in the heavily rising cost of living even for professional families. Your love and understanding during this unprecedented time is greatly appreciated!

Request: $1,000

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