My name is Bonilia Jean. I have been a disciple in Bodarie for 17 years. In order to support my seven children, I used to buy and sell things for a living. Life has been tough, but it became unbearable when my house was on the brink of collapse. To cover the hole in the roof, I put rocks on top of it and plastic when it's raining, but my children and I still stay awake all night due to the water leaking from the cover. I am reaching out to ETF to ask for help so I can buy materials to fix my roof and make it a safe and livable place for my family.

Request $1,000

Lise has been a disciple in Brazil for 30 years. After leaving the church for a few years, she returned to her hometown. There, she shared her faith with family and friends, who eventually became disciples. Now, Lise uses her home for Bible discussion groups, devotionals, and Bible studies. Unfortunately, a dam in her area recently broke, flooding the downtown area where she lives. Her house was flooded with over four feet of water, damaging all her furniture, appliances, and clothes. Her home will need repairs to remove the ensuing mold and damage to the walls and replace the household appliances. Lise is seeking financial help to replace her belongings and renovate her home.

Request $1,000

Hilda, as she is fondly called, is a faithful disciple from Davao City. She was one of the early converts of ICOC Davao and is actively serving in the seniors' ministry at her local church. She has been instrumental in many Bible studies and baptisms in their sector. For many years, Hilda and her husband have been living in a slum area. Unfortunately, they have been asked to find a new place to live by the owner. As senior citizens with monthly medication expenses that they pay out of their own pocket through odd jobs in the community, saving up to move to a new place has not been a priority. Their adult children also have families of their own and are financially struggling, so they are unable to help their parents.

We would like to express our gratitude in advance for the compassion and generosity of the ETF and their sponsors. Any amount that can be extended to Hilda and her husband will be a great help in facilitating their move and providing them with a new and safe place to stay.

Request $1,000

My name is Susan, a 51-year-old single mother of four from Quezon City, Philippines. For the past 20 years, I have been living as a disciple in Dubai, and now I am a part of ICOC Philippines. My children and I are grateful for the roof over our heads and the ability to meet our daily needs. However, for over three years, a persistent leak in our water system has grown into a major flood threat, jeopardizing the safety of our home. I have attempted repairs in the past, but the aging system can no longer hold. I have been quoted $2,500 for a complete replacement, which is beyond my means. Juggling these responsibilities is becoming increasingly difficult, and that's why I am humbly reaching out to the ETF for help. Replacing our water system would alleviate the constant worry of flooding and create a safe and secure environment for my children and me. I would be incredibly grateful for any assistance you can offer. Thank you for your compassion and generosity.

Request $1,000

My name is Jezinette Vilsaint and I have been a disciple for 7 years. I live in Port-au-Prince with my two children. As a single parent, I am doing my best to provide for my kids. However, selling bread and doing laundry for people is not enough to cover our daily expenses. Because of this, I am not able to buy materials to fix my house. Every time it rains, my kids and I are unable to sleep because everything is leaking. Our roof is made up of plastic and other materials in order to prevent it from blowing away in the wind. I am reaching out to ETF to please help me buy materials to fix my house, which could collapse anytime soon. I just want to provide comfort and protection for me and my kids.

Request $800

India's southern state of Tamil Nadu has been hit by heavy rainfall that has caused severe damage. Several districts have been paralyzed, with entire neighborhoods, roads, and railway tracks inundated. This comes just days after a cyclone hit the southeastern coast of India, causing widespread damage. Many areas are still isolated and without power, leaving them shrouded in darkness. This unexpected calamity has left countless lives impacted, and our brothers and sisters in the affected areas are in desperate need of help.

Janani has been a disciple for more than 20 years. She became a disciple in Chennai and moved to Tirunelveli with her husband, who is also a disciple, seven years ago. Janani currently works as a caretaker at the Home for the Children, which is run by the Hope Foundation. She tirelessly serves 26 boys who live there and are HIV positive. Recently, during heavy rainfall, Janani's house was flooded with water, resulting in severe damage to most of her household appliances, which are now beyond repair. Despite this setback, Janani and her husband remain devoted to their faith and continue to serve their community.

E. Athilakshmi, a faithful disciple for 15 years. She has two children and three of her family members are also disciples. Unfortunately, their home was affected by a recent flood and several household items such as the fridge, washing machine, cot, and mattresses were damaged due to water. They hired a motor pump to remove the water from their home and have temporarily moved to a nearby disciple's house. They plan to stay there for a few days until they can make proper arrangements.

Jones Jacob Arulkumar has been a disciple for twelve years and has two other disciples living with him in his house. His father runs a small tea shop, but during a recent flood, he lost his daily income. As a result, his family is struggling to meet their basic needs. Water entered their house during the flood and damaged all of their household items, including their washing machine, cot, mattress, fridge, and bike.

Gopi has been a disciple for 24 years. Unfortunately, during the recent flood, water covered his entire area, leaving him stranded in his house and unable to move around to provide for his family's basic needs. To make matters worse, his bike was completely destroyed during the disaster, which will make it difficult for him to recover it.

Anitha, is a 20 years old disciple, a mother of two, faced the unexpected challenge of a flooded home thanks to relentless rain. Yet, her spirit undimmed, she opened the doors of her first floor to fellow disciples, offering shelter amidst the rising waters. Unfortunately, the flood claimed many of her belongings, including a cot, refrigerator, washing machine, and even her scooter.

Shijiin, a devoted disciple for eight years, has become the sole breadwinner for his family. However, their village has been ravaged by floods triggered by the opening of a nearby dam, submerging everything under water. This devastating event has stripped Shijiin's family of their daily income, leaving them struggling to fulfill even their basic needs. The floods also wreaked havoc on their home, destroying clothes, kitchenware, and essential appliances.

Request $6,000

Rosemary Edeh is a devoted member of the Lagos church's Island region. She is a widow with five children; one of her children lives with a family member in another state. Since her husband passed away about four years ago, Rosemary has been struggling to cope with her children. She has relied on handouts for the past few years, as the business her husband left behind has collapsed due to a lack of funding and the country's economic situation. Their house is rented and lacks basic amenities like a toilet and kitchen. During the rainy season, they have to deal with roof leakages and uncompleted side walls, which make their living conditions even worse. Unfortunately, at the end of 2023, they were asked to leave the house as the owner had sold it, and it was up for demolition. Now, Rosemary needs financial assistance to rent a new home and provide shelter for herself and her children. Life has been challenging for her, and she is seeking support from ETF to help her cope with these difficulties.

Request $1,000

For over 20 years, Yomi has been a devoted disciple in Ojodu Isheri. She thrived as a caterer, but life took a turn when her mother, also a disciple, fell ill, placing the financial burden squarely on Yomi's shoulders. Tragically, Yomi's mother lost her sight, requiring ongoing care. Amidst a struggling business and her mother's dependence, Yomi's younger sister received a mental health diagnosis. Balancing her sister's needs further impacted Yomi's income, culminating in the loss of their home due to unaffordable rent. Now, exposed and vulnerable, Yomi seeks ETF's support to secure housing for her family and vital medication for her blind mother and sick sister. This assistance would be a lifeline, enabling Yomi to navigate these challenges and rebuild stability for her loved ones.

Request $1,000

Chiedu Williams, a vibrant 26-year-old, a disciple from Banjul Gambia, shoulders the burdens as his father left behind. Living with his mother and siblings, Chiedu has stepped up to fill the void, despite the immense financial challenges. His side jobs provide some support, but the harsh economic climate makes ends meet a constant struggle. Their family faces the pressing concerns of unreliable rent payments, infrequent meals, and even accessing church activities due to transportation difficulties. Chiedu longs to pursue his dreams of greatness, but these anxieties weigh heavily on him.

Chiedu and his family would greatly appreciate any financial assistance you can provide. Thank you for considering their request.

Request $1,000

Johnny and his wife, devoted members of El Salvador Church for nine years, face unforeseen hardship. As a mechanic, Johnny recently lost his job, and despite diligent searching, hasn't found stable employment or sufficient income to cover their family's needs. Being the sole provider, Johnny feels the heavy burden of not being able to provide for his wife, a homemaker, and their two children. With rising food costs and living expenses, covering basic necessities has become increasingly difficult.

In this challenging situation, Johnny reaches out to ETF for financial support. This vital assistance would provide much-needed relief for their family. Your contribution, in any amount, can make a significant difference in alleviating their financial strain and easing their worries.

Request $1,000

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