Paty has been a faithful disciple in Tijuana for twenty-one years. Due to economic constraints, she currently lives with her granddaughter and great granddaughter. Sadly, both Paty and her granddaughter lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. At the moment, Paty and her family survive by working odd jobs whenever possible.

Paty and her family are in great need of support to makes ends meet. Your help to help them pay for utilities, groceries, and rent would be greatly appreciated during this very difficult time.

Francisco and his wife, Raimundinha, live with their three daughters: Sara (16), Aira (11) and Ana (8). Francisco is a trained technical electrician and has been going to night school to study electrical engineering. He and his wife have been disciples in Brazil since November 2019. When the quarantine hit their country, Francisco lost most of his business and fell behind in his payments for a lot he and Raimundinha bought to build their home. He has been doing all the construction himself and has already invested a lot of time and money. Currently, they rent a small home. When their own home is built, the savings on rent will help pay for their children’s education.

However, the family risk losing their lot due to failure to make payments in 2020. Both Francisco and Rai are dedicated disciples. Their daughters are excellent students and Sara has a good chance of making it into a federal (free) university next year. They hope to make the overdue payments before their case becomes unresolvable. Francisco is a hard-working, responsible man who fell on hard times due to circumstances beyond his control. He is urgently requesting US$1000 to help with the payment and prevent repossession of his lot.

Felicien and his wife Reine are members of the Church of Christ in Abidjan and have been faithful disciples for nearly 20 years. Together they have a beautiful little girl named Balissan who is 6 and attends elementary school.
After graduating from university in 2003, Felicien took many steps to find stable employment, but he was only able to get temporary jobs. The last job he held at an NGO ended after the grant expired and this made the situation very difficult for Felicien.

When COVID spread, employment opportunities became scarcer and now it is near impossible for Felicien to pay for rent, groceries, and his daughter’s tuition. Your support for our brother and sister during this difficult time is greatly appreciated.

Request: $400

I am Trinicris Santos a disciple from ICOC Makati who has a father named Cecilio Santos a disciple from ICOC Taguig. My father has been confined in the ICU since last December 3, 2020 and still there now. He has had three strokes and has suffered through many complications like pneumonia, ulcers and septic shock. Our local church has been incredible helpful and supportive, but we understand that their funds are limited. I am humbly asking for your help to pay for hospital bill expenses and other medical expenses. This is a very difficult situation for me because I am the only child and breadwinner, but due to the pandemic I lost my job (and only source of income) on March 15, 2020.

With the prayers of our brothers and sisters and your support I pray that I will be able to bring my father home for Christmas. The current hospital bill is close to $5,000 (as of December 20, 2020) not including the doctor's fee. The doctors believe that my father can be discharged in the next few days, but hospital requires us to fully settle our bills before discharging the patient.

Your hearts for helping us are greatly appreciated!

Thanks to ETF generous donors,

this need has been met!

Irma is a single mother and has been a faithful disciple for more than 18 years. At the onset of the COVID pandemic, she lost her job and she is currently unable to pay for her food, transport, electricity, or water. Due to her situation, she had to move in with one of her children. Her son, unfortunately, doe not have a steady job at the moment and needs major repairs done to the roof of his home in order to make it livable.

They are requesting assistance to meet their basic needs and repair their roof while they find stable jobs. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Thanks to ETF generous donors,

this need has been met!

Treesa has been a disciple for three years and she is a faithful member of the Trivandrum church in Kerala. She has been a widow for fifteen years and she has been struggling to maintain her household which includes her two children, Blessy and Rejoy. She is currently unable to keep a full time job due to  her health issues related to diabetes, sinusitis, and joint pains. She provides for her family with the little income that she earns from doing odds jobs. Her daughter, Blessy, is a college student and she supports the family by tutoring neighborhood kids.

During the COVID 19, lockdown, the family went through tough financial struggles and the church in Trivandrum along with some of her relatives helped them to get through. However, the family still has many needs and your support for this family is greatly appreciated.

My name is Alabi and together with my wife Charlotte we have five children: Esther and Schekina (12 years old), Debora (9 years old), and Ruth and Emmanuel (3 years old). We have been dedicated disciples of Christ for nearly twenty years each and our joy of belonging to God's kingdom as led us to bring many others to the faith.

Before the global health crisis, I worked as a photographer, but since the COVID outbreak the opportunities for work have dwindled and we are now struggling to pay for groceries and tuition. We are requesting assistance to help support our family during this very difficult time. God Bless!

Request: $600

Danilo and Mary have two children, Natalie (13) and Danny, (10). As a family, they have shown tremendous trust and strength in the service of God. They have continued to grow in their faith throughout the years and they are amazing disciples in the church of Comayagua.

Before the pandemic, Danilo lost his job and began a search for employment, but he was unsuccessful. Once COVID had spread, the situation became incredibly difficult. The church in Honduras along with friends and family have all helped to support the family as much as they could. However, the family still has many needs. Currently, they are in urgent need of assistance with groceries and tuition before their children are unable to finish out their school year. Your support is greatly appreciated. May God bless you.

Request $1,000

My name is Denise and I am a single mother of a wonderful little boy. I have been a part of God’s kingdom for the past five years and I am so grateful for the joy that I have found in the fellowship.

This year has been very difficult for me as a single mother. For the past few years I have provided for my son and I by selling medical equipment, but as the pandemic scare panicked the country, my business fell apart. Currently, I am in need of assistance to pay for our daily needs such as food and rent. I appreciate your generosity and may God bless you.

Request : $350

Enrique Moreno and his wife have been faithful disciples for more than 19 years. Before the church in Comayagua was established, Enrique and his family devotedly traveled from their home to San Pedro or Tegucigalpa to attend service and fellowship with brothers and sisters. Their sacrifice and dedication has resulted in three of their children making the decision to follow Christ.

Since the onset of COVID-19, the city of Comayagua has been in a downward spiral. The unemployment rate has skyrocketed, and Enrique has lost his job and the ability to provide for his family. The family’s greatest concern lies with being able to afford Enrique’s medications for diabetes, and hypertension. They are requesting assistance in the amount of $400 to purchase medication and groceries for the family during this difficult time. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. God bless!

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