Oscar and Adalinda are a married couple who have been faithful followers of Christ for more than eighteen years. They are an integral part of the church in El Salvador and serve across many different ministries. They are very needy and, although they work hard cleaning homes and making handmade sandals their income is very limited.

Their income has been greatly affected by COVID as they are unable to work very much. They are in great need of help with groceries and rent money as work through this time. Thank you so much for consideration!

Request: $1,000

Ignacio is a chef, entrepreneur, friend, husband and father. At sixty, he was fired from his job where he worked for 26 years and since then he has struggled to find a job.

Eventually, he was able to set up a food stand, but just a few days later, the pandemic hit. Street food vendors were asked to suspend all activities so Ignacio was left at square one. Due to a chronic illness, Ignacio’s wife is unable to work fulltime so they had take their son out of school because they were unable to continue paying for his tuition.

Ignacio has been fortunate enough to find a new way to sell food out of his home, but they are still growing their business and have many bills they have to catch up on. Your help for this family will allow them to pay for their mortgage, their son’s school fees, and other basic needs. Please consider supporting this family as they work through a very difficult time.

Dear brothers and sister in Christ, through this letter I wish to share with you about our dear brother Pedro in our International Church of Christ in Saltillo.
Pedro has been a faithful disciple for more than 26 years, and has served as a missionary in Cuba and Toluca as a full-time minister. He is a great husband and a great father to his children.
The last few months have been very difficult for Pedro as he has faced health problems which has led to countless lab studies and treatments. Additionally, his mother who had been battling cancer passed away earlier this year and his sister also passed away less than month later from COVID-19 complications.
Pedro and his family are grieving and deeply troubled by the expenses they have incurred due to his medical treatments and the funeral arrangements for both his mother and sister. The church in Saltillo has done their best to provide support, but they are unable to assist him with all their needs. Your assistance for our brother will help to alleviate some of their financial burden and ease their emotional pain.
Request $1,000

Jojo England became a disciple more than 30 years ago and was well known in the RGV Church as a servant, creative artist, loving wife, and exceptional mother.

In mid January, Jojo contracted COVID-19 and her health began to spiral quickly. After two months in the hospital, and long battle in the ICU, Jojo passed away on March 3, 2021.

With the support of spiritual family, her husband and children are working to organize her memorial service and funeral and they are asking for financial assistance for the unexpected expenses. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

My name is Bibiche and I have been a disciple of Jesus Christ since 2018. I
I run a small clothing boutique in one of the city marketplaces. For many years, my business has allowed me to provide for myself and care for my biological siblings.

In March 2020, when the pandemic shook the world, our President declared a state of emergency and since that time the economy has slowed down greatly. Many of our markets and shops are closed, with the exception of a few food stands. The current restrictions have made it nearly impossible for me to care for my family.

I am requesting your assistance to purchase groceries and pay for our monthly expenses. Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Request: $400

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

Emmanuel has been a member of the church in Kinshasa since 1999. I have been a disciple for 22 years and my wife Elisabeth and I have eight children together.

I had been working in a bakery to support the needs of my family, but when COVID brought the world to its knees the economy in Congo suffered greatly and I lost my job. Since then, I have had difficulty paying rent and my children's schooling. So I am humbly requesting your help to support my family while we work through this difficult time. Thank you so much!

Request: $800

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

Hello brothers and sisters, my name is Debora, and I have been a disciple of Jesus Christ since 2009.

I started selling everyday items to help our family pay the rent and supplement our income. I am grateful to my mother for teaching me to be a self-starter and showing me the ins and outs of the business. Before the pandemic, I was able to build up a consistent clientele, but since then, business has been terribly slow.

Our family is facing serious financial hardship and we are requesting your support to pay for our rent as we bear through this time.

Request: $500

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

Karla and her husband Carlos have been disciples for 14 and 22 years respectively. They have been a true blessing to the church in Tijuana, and their family. After years of reaching out to her, Karla was able to baptize her mother, Inés, in 2019 at the age of 95!

Just one month ago, our faithful sister Inés, passed away peacefully. Karla had a burial lot prepared for her, but unfortunately it has gotten very rundown over the years and requires some repairs before it can be used.

While trying to cope through her grief and finding solutions for her mother's burial lot, Karla received news this week, that her sister passed away from COVID.

Karla and her family, are in urgent need of assistance to cover the costs of both her mother and sister's funeral expenses. Your assistance for this family is greatly appreciated!

Thanks to ETF donors,

this need has been met!

My name is Adolphe, I have been a disciple of Jesus Christ since 2003. I am an entrepreneur working in the bottled water industry here in Kinshasa.

The COVID19 pandemic has been very damaging to the Congo. The entire country's economy has suffered steep repercussions including my water bottle business. This has put me in a very precarious situation which has made it difficult to provide for my family. My hope is that I can appeal to you, my spiritual family, to assist me with our rent and living costs as I work to catch up on our expenses. I appreciate your generosity and thank you in advance for your care.

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

Abiodun works as a nanny, her meager take home salary is not sufficient to buy groceries, pay for house rent, and school fees for her six children. The pandemic has only made things more difficult for this family and they are now in great need of assistance as they bear through this time. Your help for our sister and her family would be greatly appreciated.

Request $400

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