Medical Clinic in Nicaragua


Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Central America. The people are hurting and desperate and the needs are tremendous. Forty three percent of the Nicaraguan population live in rural areas and 68 percent of them are trying to survive off just over $1 per day.

In one of these rural areas, is a small improvised village called Malpassillio, also home to the Malpassillio Church of Christ. Over the past few years, the church has grown to 85 disciples, and has become a light and a beacon of hope to this once forgotten community.

Last year, prompted by the Holy Spirit, the Charleston Church of Christ in South Carolina, set out to raise funds and build a medical clinic in Malpassillio. Beloved young disciples had lost their lives unnecessarily over the past few years and the medical mission teams sent out by the Charleston Church came back to the US with shocking and appalling stories. Basic health care services is limited in this village and the quality of care is very poor. Residents are susceptible to many preventable diseases, and lack of proper sanitation and food are among the leading causes of illness and disease.

The clinic, which is a nonprofit, is presently under construction and is hoping to open its doors to the public in the summer of 2017. Besides providing healthcare services, the clinic will also be able to hire a number of disciples as well as provide training in specific medical positions.

Donations are greatly appreciated. They will save souls and lives. Thank you!




Medical Clinic in Nicaragua

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