Mr. Mao Sokreangsay (‘Reangsay’) is 8 years old, and with the help of ETF is now enrolled for the first time in a qualified international school. He is learning to thoroughly love school and is progressing quickly in his studies.

Reangsay lives with his younger brother, Visal (age 6). Their mother, Chanthou, started coming to church in 2013 and wanted to study the bible. She couldn’t read or write, so the disciples taught her how so she could understand God’s Word. Her family lives in a rough neighborhood and has many setbacks. After two years of studying the bible, Chanthou made the decision to make Jesus Lord and was baptized into Christ. Reangsay and Visal love going to the children’s class in church, and they constantly pray for their father to one day have faith in Jesus, too. Chanthou and her boys remain faithful and hopeful in God’s plan for their future.

The funding goal noted above is intended to fund this child’s educational needs for a one-year period including tuition, books and uniforms.