Karol and Her Mom

Karol and her Mom

Hello Friends, we are asking for prayers and donations for Karol and her 83-year-old mom while Karol recovers from her stroke. She was denied short term disability due to a prior history of breast cancer and has no form of income until her long-term disability insurance starts in 6 months.

Please read this message from her daughter:

On January 16 my mom woke up to walk her elderly mother’s dog. Upon waking, she recalls feeling some numbness in her left arm but brushed it off as to sleeping funny. She had just recovered from COVID and had spent the last two days back at work. She was anxious to get back to her job as a social worker at Baylor hospital because she knew there were people there that needed her help and that was her calling. Karol is a giver and her relationship with Christ has only deepened that calling over the years. From working as a house cleaner so that she could be there when my sister and I got home from school, to working as a special education assistant, my mom has never stopped thinking about her role in helping others. But as she descended the staircase that Saturday morning, she knew something was not right. She reached out to her good friend Tracy after losing her balance and falling and scraping her knees and elbow and told her that she thought she might be having a stroke. As she waited for her friend Tracy to bring her to the hospital, her symptoms began to worsen quickly and she found herself unable to walk without falling. She quickly called 911 and was taken to Plano Presbyterian hospital by ambulance. At the hospital, her symptoms began to worsen and she could no longer feel the entire left side of her body and her speech became almost intelligible. My sister and I rushed to the hospital and sat with Tracy in our cars, feeling powerless and calling upon God for peace and healing. After running several tests, it was determined that Karol had suffered from a stroke. To make things more difficult, because of her still positive COVID test, no one was allowed to visit her.  Over the phone, I remember her slow and altered speech pleading with my sister and I to “Take... care... Granny.” Even in her own tragedy and pain, she was STILL thinking of others, her own mother.  My mother’s condition stabilized over the next couple of days and she was transferred to the rehabilitation center to begin PT and OT. She has expressed to me and my sister and friends that she knows the road ahead will be hard but she had said in a text to us:

I know this could be so much worse. Being here is awesome as I am surrounded by so many that love me and are praying and want to help. I have the most incredible friends that I would not have made it this far this year. My girls are the best part of me and I know this will shape them for the better. I am thankful to God for all this and so much more. So, on the hard days you can remind me. But know it is never far from my heart the gratitude I have for all of you and for the God that I knows loves me despite any circumstances.

Karol has never stopped giving and has advocated for so many people both professionally and personally, now it is our turn to give back and to take some of the financial stress of recovering from a major accident. She doesn’t want your pity, because she knows God is in control. However, the coming days will bring pain and discouragement and her friend and family want to be able to tell her that for once, “we got this”!  Your help will allow Karol to focus on healing her body and will take some of the financial stress off of her and her family as she is the primary caregiver for her elderly mother.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you aren’t able to give financially, God hears our prayers too! 

Love, Sarah

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