Francisco has been a faithful disciple for nearly 30 years and his wife, Kenia, for nearly 14 years. They live in Comayagua. a 30 minute drive outside of the Tegucigalpa Church. They loyally make the journey to church via bus and their devotion has lead one of their daughters to start studying the Bible.

Although Francisco is in search of employment, the economic situation in Honduras makes it difficult to find good paying jobs. Our faithful family has been struggling to make ends meet and they are asking for your help to purchase groceries and pay for their children's school fees. Any support you can lend toward their $500 goal will be greatly appreciated.

Aldo and his wife Patricia have been faithful disciples for five and fourteen years respectively. They have two young daughters and their entire family is an indispensable part of their small congregation of twelve in Leon, Nicaragua. Due to the devastating economic situation in Nicaragua, both Aldo and Patricia have been unemployed since June 2020. Thanks to the generosity of family, friends, and the church they have manged to get by.

However, their need for food, basic utilities, and medicine have exceeded the limitations of their humble supports and they need help. They are requesting $350 to assist them basic needs for a month as they continue to search for employment. Your consideration and support will make a great difference to this family.

My name is, Pedro and I have been a disciple of Christ for 23 years. My wife and I have two children, a 14-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl.

My wife has is unable to work due to health problems and requires various medical treatments for her condition. Before the onset of COVID-19, I was working as a taxi driver and working as many hours as I possibly could. Unfortunately, I was involved in a serious car accident that left my car in bad shape. This left us without an income and as I began to search for new employment the pandemic swept the country and finding employment has become very difficult. The church has been extremely helpful to our family, but our needs exceed the resources of our local congregation. We are asking for your support to pay for rent and medication for my wife. Any donation towards our need of $1,000 is greatly appreciated. God Bless!

Miriam has been a faithful disciple for more than eight years. She and her husband Efrain have two young children, Efraincito and Eva. Although her husband has not yet made the decision to become a disciple, he attends church regularly and his father was baptized earlier this year.

Honduras has experienced high levels of violence and impoverishment for many years. The country has gained wealth, but the gap between the rich and the poor is vast. As of 2019, nearly 50% of the population lived in poverty. This faltering economy does not lend itself well to maintaining stable employment and Efrain has recently been left without a job. The family is asking for $300 in assistance to buy groceries, pay for their children’s education, and assist Miriam’s elderly mother with the cost of her medication. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Estiben and Veronica have been disciple since 2016. They are faithful servants who diligently lead the children’s ministry. They have two children Mathias, and Thiago. They live in a small apartment and Estiben works hard to provide for his family, but his modest income is rarely enough to cover all their expenses. In July, after suspecting that he had contracted COVID-19, his employer asked him to stay home from work. Soon after, Estiben was tested and it was confirmed that he was ill. Thankfully, he was has recovered and doing well, but the lost wages during the time he was sick have made it even more difficult for the family to keep up with expenses.

The family has requested $300 to assist them as they work to get back on their feet. Your support for this family will be greatly appreciated.

Evelyn was baptized in July of 2018. She lives in with her mother and three children Victor (13 years old), Camilo (6 years old), and Santiago (7 years old). She and her children immigrated to Colombia from the devasting situation in Venezuela in search of better opportunities. Unfortunately, Evelyn suffers from numerous medical issues that make it difficult to secure a stable job. Even with her condition, Evelyn strives to provide for her family by selling prepared foods and providing haircuts.

The family is fighting to see through this, but they need assistance to stay on their feet. Evelyn and her children are requesting $300 to help pay for food and housing expenses. Your support is greatly appreciated!  

Greetings dear brothers and sisters, my husband Rafael and I have been disciples for 21 years. We are active members in the eastern region of the Mexico City Church. We have joyfully served in the children’s ministry, victory ministry, as Bible Talk leaders, sector leaders, and as pastors. We have two college aged children who are currently in school and my husband and I sell pet food at different markets to make a living.

On July 28, 2020, my husband began to experience a series of health complications including clots, major bleeding, seizures and loss of consciousness. He was hospitalized and kept on a ventilator for seven days. Doctors are still unsure what caused all of these issues, but the damage to his organs has been severe. He is currently suffering from inflammation in the brain, kidney damage, intestinal paralysis, liver damage, water retention in the lungs and prostate issues. The toxins in his system continue to rise and his condition remains critical. We trust and hope in God for a speedy recovery and appreciate your prayers.

Due to the pandemic, our income has greatly diminished, and my husband's hospitalization has made it impossible for us to resume our work. Due to our great need, we request $1,000 to assist is with medical bills, nutritional needs, and housing expenses.

Andres and his wife Leidy have been disciples since 2017 and have a nine-year-old boy, Alejandro. They love God deeply, live a simple life, and work hard to earn a living. They have their own shop and make and sell clothing. The pandemic has caused an economic downturn that has led to a huge loss in their business. As for many, this virus has devastated the livelihood of this family and they are now struggling to pay for groceries and rent.

Andres and his family are resilient. They face obstacles every day and rise above the violence they see daily in their neighborhood, but these are extraordinary times and they need assistance to make ends meet. Your donation towards their $300 request will be greatly appreciated.

Ana is a single mother of two children, Juan and Mariana. She became a disciple just five years ago, but she is already well known throughout the church for her unparalleled hospitality and encouraging nature, and deep love for God. She is a hard worker and exemplary mother.

On most days, she wakes up at 3:00am to prepare empanadas, chicken dishes, and arepas to sell. Her business has usually yielded enough earnings to provide for her family, but due to the pandemic her clientele has been considerably reduced and her income is no longer enough to meet all of their needs. Ana and her family are requesting $200 in assistance for groceries and basic needs. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Jose has been a disciple since 2003 and his wife, Dessire, since 2013. They have two daughters Glorielys (19 years old) and Glorianys (11 years old). Their faithfulness and great example has inspired their older daughter Glorielys to follow Christ and she was baptized more than two years ago.

A while ago, the family was forced to leave their home country of Venezuela due to the dire economic crisis. They moved to Colombia leaving behind their family, friends, and home. Their hopes for a new life were high, but since they arrived in Colombia it has been exceedingly difficult for them to find stable work. The church in Medellín has provided support for the family, but their needs are extensive, and the church is unable to fully assist them. The family is requesting $300 to help them with the cost of rent and groceries. Your donation will help Jose meet basic needs and will greatly lift the spirits of this hurting family.

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