Funding for educational needs in Cambodia.

Name, has been a disciple in the Cambodia Church for # of years. She is a young 21 year old sister who is in need of emergency surgery.

Request $3,000

Felix (76) and his wife Jesintha (75) have been faithful and serving disciples of the Ceylon Christian Church for 22+ years.  They have reached out to many to follow Christ.

They are a hard working couple who have managed their living with the earnings from their cultivation and their married children have also supported them partly to manage their expenses.

Felix & Jesintha’s health conditions have not been very good in the last couple of years, and the country’s current economic crisis has made it worse due to the rising cost of essentials such as food and medicines.  It has been very difficult for them to manage their expenses in the recent times.

During these difficult times, they have requested for financial support to manage their medical bills.

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

Special need in Cambodia

Our sister, Nora, has been a faithful disciple in the Philippines for the past 13 years. The last five years have been very difficult for her as she battles Stage 3 acute myeloid leukemia. She has had endured to heart valve surgeries, chemo treatments, and now she faces radiation treatment as the next step in her medical plan.

The road ahead of her will be challenging, but she is hopeful. Our sister is in great need of financial support for her medical expenses. Please consider donating to help her in her journey for better health.

Request: $1,000

Jhona has been a disciple for 12 years. In July 2021 she was diagnosed with Stage 2A breast cancer. In order to attack the cancer, they had to act quickly and perform surgery. Soon after she started chemo – therapy treatment and this month she has more medical appointments and treatments scheduled.

Jhona’s journey has been challenging, but her faith is helping her to power through. Her medical needs have been extensive and cost-prohibitive. Our sister is in great need of help as she continues to work on getting better.

Request: $1,000

RJ, is a disciple in one of the southern sectors in the Philippines. RJ suffers from an incurable condition that requires him to receive dialysis treatments for the rest of his life. The members of his region have been very supportive and provided him with funds from the benevolence fund to help him with his expenses, but unfortunately they cannot cover all of his needs.

Support for this brother in need will help to offset his medical expenses and allow him to meet basic needs. Your love and consideration is greatly appreciated!

Request: $700

Lito and Raissa have been faithful disciples for 28 years. Their commitment to God despite the many challenges they face is truly admirable. Lito has had a very difficult year. He is diabetic and recently had to endure surgery, a heart attack, dialysis, and worst of all – the loss of his eldest son to Covid.

Lito has been a hardworking leader and is part of our ministry in Paranaque.  His faith has been a beacon and inspiration to so many.  Sadly, their financial condition has worsened despite his business and the church’s help.

Their family has incurred over $30,000 in expenses and they are dire need of assistance. Your support for this incredible family will make a world of difference.

Request: $1,000

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I am writing this letter on behalf of Ms. Kristyl Errua, to ask for financial assistance for her medical expenses.

She has been a disciple from Makati Sector, ICOC Philippines since January of 2009. She is currently employed in and is the eldest among four siblings. Two are still in college and 1 in Taiwan employed as factory worker. Her parents live in the province of Leyte in the eastern part of the Philippines which was also affected by typhoon Odette.

Kristyl was diagnosed with Adrenocortical Carcinoma, a malignant tumor, more than a week ago. On December 15, 2021 she underwent an exploratory laparotomy to remove her tumor. The size of the tumor is 15 cm and necessitated 17 bags of blood transfusion to maintain her blood pressure.

Her company insurance has already reached its maximum limit of P240,000.00.  To date, her hospital bill has reached more than a million pesos excluding the professional fees of the attending physicians. Though she will be covered by Philippine Health Insurance, a national health insurance program of the Philippine government, with the huge amount of her medical expenses much help is needed to defray the cost.

We already reached out to our brothers and sisters the church here in Makati Sector and friends outside of church to raise funds for financial assistance. To date, my family has raised more than P30,000.00 and hoping and praying that more will come in. 

In this regard, may we also knock on your benevolent hearts for financial assistance to help our sister in the Lord.

Kristyl is awaiting the result of her biopsy to determine the stage level of the cancer upon which she will undergo radiation or chemotherapy treatment.

May the love of Christ be with you always.

Request: $1,000

Eileen has been a strong and courageous disciple of more than 20 years in the Papua New Guinea church. When she was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer she knew she had to seek proper healthcare which lead her to the Philippines.

Her healthcare journey will be a long one. What she needs most urgently is your help to raise funds to get the care she needs. The money raised will go towards pre-treatment tests, treatment, surgery, inpatient accommodations, and any other costs including post treatment follow up checks. We need your help brothers and sisters! And we are so grateful for any donation you can make.

Request: $1,000

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