Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings of peace!

We, sisters by blood and in faith - Jennie, Tina, and Jona are disciples of ICOC Philippines for 21 years. We would like to humbly ask for your help.

Last August 05, 2021, our 74-year-old father, Pedrito "Pete" , had abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery at the Philippine Heart Center. After many surgeries, our father, sadly passed away. The medical treatments that our father underwent were very costly and now that he has passed we are working towards paying the debt while also juggling funeral expenses and our own finances. It has been a very difficult road for us and we are kindly seeking your support. May God bless!

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Shortly after a group of brave brothers and sisters embarked on a mission trip launched from the capital of Myanmar, COVID began to spread throughout the world. Since their mission team began, many have learned about the truth of Christ. The team is still faithfully spreading the Word, but they are in need of assistance. Civil unrest, job loss, and COVID cases have made things increasingly difficult to pay for basic needs. The couple named above leads the team and their entire team is courageously serving those in need. Any support is appreciated!

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Educational fund for Rosika and Kevin's tuition and books for one full year.

Amount Requested: $1,520

or a monthly donation of approximately $126.67

My name is Douglas Tyrone Leyva and I have been a disciple for more than 25 years, and my wife has been a disciple for almost 20 years now. We’ve been married for almost 7 years now and have a one year old boy son. We’ve been living in the Philippines for three years now and are part of the Rizal Church. It’s been a privilege to serve the church here and everywhere we’ve been to. Last month, our whole household was struck with covid. We couldn’t believe it, since we’d been so cautious for over a year. First, my Aunt Amparo fell very sick and my wife and I were in close contact with her, taking care of her. Unfortunately she passed away after three days. A couple of days later, we found out she had covid and that’s when we all eight of us were advised to go into quarantine and get swabbed for covid. Sure enough the next day all of us except for one of my sisters tested positive for covid, even our one year old. He started having a fever and although he wasn’t gasping for air, his oxygen levels were starting to drop. We rushed him to ER, but they didn’t want to take responsibility for him. They kept telling my wife that he was feeling well and to go home. My wife told them she would leave as soon as he was either stable or we had found a suitable place for him. In the meantime, my wife kept him on oxygen support while we were calling up hospitals, doctors, and anyone who could help us get the medical assistance my son needed at the moment. About 12 hours later, my son and my wife were admitted at a hospital where they didn’t have a pediatrics section for covid, therefore they had to stay among adults who had covid. This was a risk we were willing to take because he needed oxygen support and other medical interventions. The few days were tough, since he was in critical condition and there was only one nurse for 13 patients. My wife had to continuously check for his vitals just to make sure he was still with us. He had to be administered stronger antibiotics because the first ones were enough. Thankfully we were able to hire a full time nurse to help my wife out with my son and by God’s Grace, he responded well to all the medication and they were able to go home after 10 days. My mother on the other hand, is still in ICU, sadly. She’s been battling there for almost a month now. Even though she was admitted early because she had a history of pneumonia, her health has been deteriorating day by day.

It’s been so challenging and heartbreaking to see her in this condition. We’ve been praying to God to be surrendered with His will. On our finances part, Samuel's bill was P200,000 we were able to have discount from health insurance of 40,000 and was able to pay the bill from our families savings and from the help of relatives and churchmates. However, my mother's bill is approximately around 2.5Million Pesos. We are working so hard to pay in whatever means but it is not enough as she is still in the hospital battling her life. Whatever amount from any help of the organization, we would be grateful and thankful.

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

I am Angelo Celestial, and I am writing in behalf of my wife Evelyn.

We have been married for 25 years now and God has blessed us with 3 children: Michael, Sante and Angelyn.

My wife Evelyn is a 24-year-old disciple. My son Sante and his wife and my daughter Angelyn are faithful Christians as well. It is our prayer that my eldest son Michael and his wife will be restored back to the faith.   

Evelyn, 53 years old, was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer. She started feeling intense pain in her stomach last August 2020. She undergoes abdominal ultrasound and was advice for colonoscopy and endoscopy. We tried to get a medical checkup at Philippine General Hospital but it took us 3 months of waiting to be enlisted. This pandemic made things a lot harder. Her condition has worsened. She can’t eat…and whenever she would try to eat some, she would later on vomit whatever food she tried to swallow.

The results of Evelyn’s colonoscopy and endoscopy, showed big tumors in her colon and she was scheduled for an operation. After the operation last February 2021, we found out that the cancer has spread to her liver and pancreas. She needed to regain her strength in order for her to undergo chemotherapy. We are so grateful to the church for the help that has been extended to us – spiritually, emotionally, even financially. The collective support of many people has somehow helped ease the burden with the hospital expenses incurred.

We live a very simple life. I am a tricycle driver but I can’t work right now because I personally take care of Evelyn round the clock. I don’t know what else to do. I just want to take care of her with the remaining time she has with us. There are times that I would be overcome with fear…depression…thinking what will happen with our lives. But thanks be to God who never fails to provide for our needs. Today, we put our hope in God’s mercy and grace. Whatever help we may receive will be of much help to sustain us and meet her needs at this time. Thank you very much.

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Hello, beloved disciples. My name is Juan Carlos and I am writing to you to tell you about my loving wife Norelyn.

Norelyn has been a faithful disciple and member of the ICOC Mindoro, Philippines for the past 8 years. Norelyn and I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter and we have served faithfully in our church community for many years.

Earlier this year, Norelyn was diagnosed with stage 3C breast cancer. She has undergone a mastectomy, and currently she is doing chemotherapy. The road ahead of us is not easy, but we are hopeful and feel very blessed to have the support of the local fellowship.

We are seeking your financial assistance to pay for Norelyn’s continued treatments and we ask that you please pray for her healing as well. May the Good Lord bless you and enrich you a thousandfold. Thank you and take care always.

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The Battambang Church of Christ (BBCC) in Northwest Cambodia is grieving the loss of a faithful and loving sister, Ming (auntie) Phalla, who was a noble wife and mother to three children. She first heard about Jesus at a refugee camp after being orphaned by and then surviving the Khmer Rouge genocide. In January of 2013, she and her husband Bouthla became disciples of Jesus and never looked back. Ming Phalla faced many challenges as a disciple including persecution, health challenges, and having her house burn down. But her faith never faltered.

She spent the last ten years managing a restaurant that trained young women rescued from vulnerable life situations. She was the rock of her family, she greeted everyone she came across with a big smile, and she was not only ready to go to heaven but was eagerly looking forward to it. At the hospital, even after her emergency surgery, she sang songs and shared her faith with staff until just hours before God called her home. 

Ming Phalla’s sudden death has left her family with the significant expenses of preparing and transferring her remains to her home province for burial during a Covid-19 travel ban in the country. Any support we can give her will glorify God and reflect Ming Phalla’s heart to selflessly help others in need.

Thanks for your consideration.

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

John Doe, a person in need that prefers to remain anonymous, is a well known member in the church of Battambang, Cambodia. He presented with a difficult head injury that could not be treated at the local hospital and was transferred to another hospital. The amount of $2,150 was required to pay for the surgery.

Mommy Jane, as she is affectionately known in her congregation, has been a faithful member of the Davao Church for more than 22 years. She and her late husband had three children, John, Joyce, and L.A. They all became disciples, but after some hardships, they walked away from the faith. Jane has remained faithful through all of the difficulties and late last year after many prayers her son John was restored.

Unfortunately, John had to undergo brain surgery and now the family is under a lot of stress due to the debt they have incurred. Mommy Jane and her family are humbly seeking your support to help pay for the hospital expenses. Your love and generosity is greatly appreciated!  

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

I am Trinicris Santos a disciple from ICOC Makati who has a father named Cecilio Santos a disciple from ICOC Taguig. My father has been confined in the ICU since last December 3, 2020 and still there now. He has had three strokes and has suffered through many complications like pneumonia, ulcers and septic shock. Our local church has been incredible helpful and supportive, but we understand that their funds are limited. I am humbly asking for your help to pay for hospital bill expenses and other medical expenses. This is a very difficult situation for me because I am the only child and breadwinner, but due to the pandemic I lost my job (and only source of income) on March 15, 2020.

With the prayers of our brothers and sisters and your support I pray that I will be able to bring my father home for Christmas. The current hospital bill is close to $5,000 (as of December 20, 2020) not including the doctor's fee. The doctors believe that my father can be discharged in the next few days, but hospital requires us to fully settle our bills before discharging the patient.

Your hearts for helping us are greatly appreciated!

Thanks to ETF generous donors,

this need has been met!

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