My name is Emile. I have been a disciple for 23 years. I married a wonderful sister who has been a disciple for more than 20 years and together we have 2 girls. The eldest is 10 years old and the youngest is 6.

I work at an NGO that provides humanitarian relief and my contract ended in September 2020. While I was working my salary didn’t cover all of our expenses so, my wife started selling food products (cassava, bananas) in order to make ends meet.

With the advent of COVID19, the price of food has increased, and her sales have taken a hit. My wife suffers from a cardiovascular problem that we have difficulty treating due to lack of funds and impedes her from working fulltime. This situation has weighed on me tremendously and I am doing everything that I can but, currently we owe rent, and tuition. Additionally, my wife recently had two deaths in the family and most of our savings were depleted as we assisted with funeral costs. Despite all these difficulties, we remain faithful and we hope that you may find it in your hearts to assist us as we work ourselves out of this financial situation.

Request $750

Felicien and his wife Reine are members of the Church of Christ in Abidjan and have been faithful disciples for nearly 20 years. Together they have a beautiful little girl named Balissan who is 6 and attends elementary school.
After graduating from university in 2003, Felicien took many steps to find stable employment, but he was only able to get temporary jobs. The last job he held at an NGO ended after the grant expired and this made the situation very difficult for Felicien.

When COVID spread, employment opportunities became scarcer and now it is near impossible for Felicien to pay for rent, groceries, and his daughter’s tuition. Your support for our brother and sister during this difficult time is greatly appreciated.

Request: $400

Our sister Nunudzai has been a disciple in Zimbabwe for 9 years. She was baptized in 2012 and three years later she lost her husband in an unfortunate car accident. Following her husband's death, she fell into a severe dysfunctional depression which strained many of her relationships and caused her to lose her job.

Thanks to much prayer, support, and medical attention she was able to work through her condition in 2019. Nunudzai is working to rebuild her life and care for her four children, but the pandemic has brought unforeseen financial difficulties that have deeply impacted her limited budget. Nunudzai and her children are seeking assistance to pay for the extra costs of online school materials, mental health services, and support for basic needs.

Your support for our widowed sister and her children is greatly appreciated.

Request: $300

Eze is a faithful disciple and single mother. When her husband abandoned her and their three children, she was left with the responsibility of providing for her entire household. The economic condition in Lagos has been very difficult for a long time and the situation was further exasperated by the pandemic. Eze is still in search of a permanent job, but for the time being she makes do by taking any odd jobs that come her way.

Though she is a hard worker, she struggles to make ends meet. She and her family are seeking assistance to pay for groceries, rent, and other daily needs. Your support for their needs would be of great relief as Eze continues her search for permanent work.

Request: $400

Elias and Angelina have been serving God and their community for over 30 years in one of the northern provinces of Mozambique. Nacala is a port city with great potential but is still quite rustic in many aspects. Elias and Angelina became disciples of Christ two years ago when they visited the church in Maputo. Through their conversion many of the people they ministered to before have also become disciples. Moved by the fellowship they encountered in the church, they offered up their home as a meeting place for the church. Over the years, the home’s structure has become unsafe: the roof has gaping holes and the stones walls are crumpling and falling down. Elias owns the land, but his congregation is very poor and they do not have the funds to repair their place of worship.

Some money was raised to help install a public bathroom for the congregation and repair the roof. But, the money ran out before repairs were completed. During the rainy season a wall collapsed and while making repairs, a den of snakes was unearthed. The church in Nacala along with Elias and Angelina are requesting $5,000 to complete the repairs. Donations would give their small church a place to meet, bathrooms, and a way to deal with the snakes. The whole congregation would benefit greatly from your support!

Thanks to ETF generous donors,

this need has been met!

My name is Kwassenwui. I am thirty-eight years old and I have been a disciple for twenty two years. I was married to a wonderful man for eight years, but this year in September I lost my husband. After the death of my husband my son and I moved out of his family's house where we were living. We now rent an apartment and it has been difficult to keep up because I'm not currently employed. Previously I sold used clothing, but the amount I earned is not enough to sustain us without the support of my husband.

I am requesting your help to pay for groceries, rent, and day to needs while I continue looking for work and rebuild our lives. God Bless!

Thanks to generous ETF donors

this need has been met!

My name is Chimene and I have been a disciple for nearly seven years. I was fortunate enough to become a disciple when I started college and when my father passed away, the church stepped in to lend me both emotional and financial support as I finished my studies. In 2018, through the grace of God, I graduated and received a certificate in Commercial Management.

I have been looking for a stable job since I graduated, but in the meantime I have been selling clothing to cover my basic needs. Unfortunately, business has slowed down significantly since the pandemic and I am now struggling to make ends meet. I am requesting your assistance to help me get through this rough time.

Request: $200

My name is Alabi and together with my wife Charlotte we have five children: Esther and Schekina (12 years old), Debora (9 years old), and Ruth and Emmanuel (3 years old). We have been dedicated disciples of Christ for nearly twenty years each and our joy of belonging to God's kingdom as led us to bring many others to the faith.

Before the global health crisis, I worked as a photographer, but since the COVID outbreak the opportunities for work have dwindled and we are now struggling to pay for groceries and tuition. We are requesting assistance to help support our family during this very difficult time. God Bless!

Request: $600

Hello my name is Koulet. I am 55 years old, married, and the father of an amazing nine year old boy. I was baptized in Abidjan in 1995 and I feel very blessed to be a part of God's kingdom.

Late last year, after 19 years of working for a nonprofit organization, I lost my job. I served as an accountant for one of the organization's projects and as the program came to a close there was no work left for me to do. I have been looking for employment since then, but have been unable to find anything stable. We have depleted our savings in an effort to keep things afloat, but at the moment our only source of income is my wife's earnings from working as street food vendor. We are requesting your help to pay for groceries, rent, electricity, water, and tuition expenses.

My name is Denise and I am a single mother of a wonderful little boy. I have been a part of God’s kingdom for the past five years and I am so grateful for the joy that I have found in the fellowship.

This year has been very difficult for me as a single mother. For the past few years I have provided for my son and I by selling medical equipment, but as the pandemic scare panicked the country, my business fell apart. Currently, I am in need of assistance to pay for our daily needs such as food and rent. I appreciate your generosity and may God bless you.

Request : $350

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