My name is Tariro. I am 41 years old, married, and have three children. My wife and I are members of the Harare International Church of Christ and have been a disciples for the last 14 years.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with a rheumatic heart valve condition which lead me to urgent open heart surgery in India in 2017. I have been getting much better since then and have been diligent in taking my medication. Last month, on my annual doctor checkup, I was told by the doctor that there is a part of my heart that is not pumping blood well and he suspects a coronary artery blockage which can only be picked up by a coronary  angiogram scan to check out if it is a problem or not.

If it is the case, he said he will recommend a solution which he said can be a artery stenting or artery bypass procedure.

The scan, a coronary angiogram, is beyond my reach to afford with what I earn which is an equivalent of $300usd per month. I struggle to even properly feed family and pay rent .The scan costs approximately $1,000 so I ask if anyone can assist I would be very grateful. God bless you all!

Request $1,000

Our brother André Mbondo, a motor bike rider and his wife Therese Mbondo, a floor cleaner  are married with three small children. André is riding a motor bike to be able to provide for the needs of his family. This is an activity currently and widely seen all over Cameroon as a main form of transportation both in urban and rural places. This commercial activity puts food on the table of families as well as as other family needs.

Unfortunately André's motor bike has been damaged over the time since it was a third hand motor bike he bought three years ago to use it in the traffic. As we speak now, he can not work with it for a complete day without attending to a motor bike mechanic to have this or that spare part repaired or replaced. Our brother and his family are starving. It's very challenging to meet some of their basic needs.

The Mbondo family is seeking assistance to buy groceries and meet their family's basic needs while they work on repairing Andre's bike and regain their main form of family income. We thank you in advance!

Request: $1,000

Severe flooding has overwhelmed many areas in Nigeria. In Bayelsa State, more than 700,000 people have been displaced and unfortunately, the situation is worsening.

The Church in Yenagoa, Bayelsa have seen many of our brothers and sisters lose their homes due to flooding. Below is a list of 19 families including nearly 30 children and 30 adults who desperately need assistance during this extremely difficult time.

Request: $10,000

My name is Rosemary and I was born in 1959. I am one of twelve children, but the only one still alive. I have six children of my own, three boys and three girls. In 2004, my husband passed away due to HIV-AIDS, and it has been very difficult for our family.

I have also tested positive for the disease, but and thankfully the anti-retroviral therapy has kept me healthy. I am a member of the Zambia International Church of Christ and have been working as a volunteer at Hope Worldwide Zambia since 2005. I have a passion for working with fellow caregivers who are also in the same situation as me.

I am grateful for my job, I love inspiring others to live positive lives despite their circumstances, however living with HIV can sometimes be expensive. Nutrition is very important to keep my immune system in check and I also require some medications that at times can be out of reach due to my salary. I am requesting your assistance to help with these expenses.

Request: $1,000

Beatrice is a widow with 3 children, she has been a disciple for 23 years in Abule Egba Ota Region of Lagos Church. She has not been able to provide for her children or pay for their school fees because of a lack of finances. One of her children is still looking for a job to help with the family, while her other child takes odd jobs to contribute what she can. Her youngest, hasn't been able to attend school in a very long time and their family is struggling to stay afloat. Beatrice is requesting financial assistance to buy groceries and pay for rent at this time of extreme difficulty while she and her family seek better employment to stabilize. Thank you so much for your support. God bless.

Request: $1,000

Destiny has been a disciple for 3 years, in the Campus ministry of the Lagos church. He stays with his grandma who is elderly and is beginning to have some difficulty in keeping up with her work. Destiny works as a lift manager on campus, but there have been lags in his payment schedule. Destiny and his grandmother are requesting you help to make ends meet during this time of adjustment while they seek better employment. Your support will allow them to buy groceries, pay for rent, and pay for other essential needs at this time of difficulty.

Request: $600

The Francis Family are members of the Ikorodu Region of the Lagos Church. Abigael Francis has been a disciple for 15 years, while her husband, Segun has been a disciple for 23 years. Abigael used to be a teacher, but lost her job after she gave birth to her second daughter. Efforts to get another teaching job have lead nowhere. Currently, she has a low paying job and struggles to keep up with the demands of her work. Segun works in the signage business and things haven't been going on well for him. They often struggle with providing adequate nutrition for their children. We are seeking your support to assist this family in need!

Thanks to generous ETF donors, this need has been met!

The Atubeh family are members of the Ikorodu Region of the Lagos Church. Tope has been a disciple for 25 years, while her husband, Andrew, has been a disciple for 26 years. They have two daughters who are in high School. Andrew lost his job as a social worker as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. Tope is a teacher and earns very little. Life has been quite tough for this family since the Covid19 lockdown in Nigeria. Andrew has made many efforts to get a new job, but they haven't been fruitful yet. He sometimes takes manual labor jobs to provide to make ends meet so they are soliciting for help to buy groceries, and other basic necessities.

Request $1,000

Olufemi has been a disciple for 13years and his wife has been faithful for 8 years in the Ebeda region of the Lagos church. Olufemi is a photographer and used to have a photo studio, but presently he is struggling to take care of his family. His wife also used to be a dress maker but she had an accident that has left her unable to continue as a seamstress and she can no longer generate an income to help her family. Presently, it is very difficult to survive as a family. Olufemi and his family are soliciting help to buy groceries, and pay for rent at this time of difficulty.

Marcus E. has been a disciple for 28 years. He is a single brother from Ikeja region of the Lagos church.


It started in March 2020, when he noticed a lump in his mouth.  He went to his doctor who referred Marcus to LUTH (Lagos state teaching hospital), in August 26th, 2020. He ran some tests, after which he was told he will undergo surgery which did not happen, because the hospital went on strike that year.

In 2021 he went back, he was told to go get another referral letter, so his doctor gave him the letter, he went back, again he was asked to rerun the test all over again it took almost 3 months when the results came out he went back, the hospital went on strike again that lasted for 4 months. At this time the growth in his mouth was growing in such a way that he could not eat or breathe well.

His family used herbal, which brought the growth down, but he still requires major surgery for his condition.

Marcus desires to undergo a surgery, he sent his report to Narayana Health hospital in India, he got a reply that they will have to run their own test with 1,000 USD. The cost of surgery will be decided on the detailed evaluation. Marcus is soliciting for Support from ESPECIALLY THE FAMILY to be able to undergo this surgery so that he can have his health again. Thank you in anticipation of your consideration.

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