Dolapo, a faithful sister in Christ, endured a childhood of hardship. At the age of eight, Dolapo was forced to quit school and work at a bar to help provide for her family.  Working during school hours and late evenings, Dolapo’s uncle took notice of this and spoke with her father. Pleading for his niece and her future that was at risk, Dolapo’s father willingly released her into her uncle’s care. Dolapo’s has been in a great family unit since then and is an active member in the Lagos Church. She is currently attending school and is looking forward to  graduating.

When the pandemic struck in Nigeria, Dolapo’s aunt and uncle were both laid off from their jobs. Her aunt and uncle are seeking $300 in assistance from brothers and sisters to help them during this time. Their plan is to continue paying for Dolapo’s education and buy groceries for their family.

Six years ago, Chinwe made the best decision of her life and chose to follow Christ. As a member of the Ikeja-Ketu region of the Lagos Church, Chinwe and her family are a part of the family ministry and love God’s kingdom. She surpassed all the hardships of being a single mother in a low-income community and was able to pay for her children’s school fees. Chinwe works as an office assistant in a small local business that has suffered greatly during the pandemic.

The financial turmoil that Africa has faced due to COVID19 has left little to no relief for small business owners, thus, Chinwe’s job has decreased her hours and her income has dwindled. Chinwe is requesting $400 in financial assistance in order to feed her family and continue paying for her children’s education. She is truly appreciative of any help you can provide and thanks you for your giving hearts.

Bola has been a disciple for many years in the Lagos Church and has a young teenage son. Bola solely supported her family after her husband’s sudden death and works hard to pay for her son’s school fees on her minimal income. This pandemic has brought upon a tremendous hardship on Bola’s family and her son was forced to quit school because she was unable to continue paying for his education. With financial assistance, Bola will be able to buy groceries, and re-enroll her son in school - giving him the opportunity to succeed in the future . They are requesting $400 in assistance. Your consideration and support is greatly appreciated!

My name is Soma and I have been a disciple for more than 27 years and I am a part of the singles ministry in the Abidjan Church. For the past few years, I have been working as a food  vendor and have managed to make a decent living from my earnings. Unfortunately, earlier this year (2020) I was physically assaulted, and the attackers took all my savings. I was forced to shut down my business and have been unable to pay my rent for several months.

Through all of this, I am continuing to fight to trust in God. I am requesting $450 in assistance to pay the rent I owe and get back to my business. May God bless your generosity.

Hello my name is Rosine and I have been a disciple and a part of the Church of Christ in Abidjan since August 2015. I am grateful to have the opportunity to bring others to Christ and share my joy with them. Although I have lost both my mother and father and had to drop out of school due to financial issues, I am grateful for the family I have today. My husband and I have an eleven year old boy, Jean. We both work hard to provide for our family

When the pandemic hit the country, I lost my job and I have not been able to find anything new. I am seeking assistance of $600 to pay for my child’s school fees, my own school fees, and basic needs as we strive to make ends meet on one income for the time being. Your consideration for our needs is greatly appreciated. God bless!

Abiola and his wife Bunmi have each been disciples for more than 25 years. Abiola works at the airport and Bunmi works at a school. They both work hard to provide for their family, but when the pandemic swept across the country the government had to take action and many businesses were closed. The airport and many of the schools have been shut down and much of the staff has been let go including Abiola and Bunmi.

It has become very difficult for Abiola and Bunmi to live without an income and they are struggling to put food on the table. They are requesting $350 to assist them in paying for basic needs including groceries.

Yinka and his wife Kehinde have been strong disciples for over 28 years in the Ogba-Agege Region of the Lagos Church in Nigeria. Yinka manages a viewing center near his home and Kehinde is a merchant trader. During this pandemic, most of their student customers chose to quarantine out of fear for their health and unknown repercussions of COVID-19. Adding to this hardship, the country’s customer safety measures have prevented many businesses from succeeding and unfortunately, Yinka and Kehindee experienced this firsthand with their jobs. They hope to regain their client base soon and begin working again. Yinka and Kehinde are requesting $300 in financial assistance to buy groceries during this difficult time.

Imomoh is a single mother part of the Ikorodu region of the Lagos Church in Nigeria. She works incredibly hard to support her family but unfortunately, her income is not enough to provide for the needs of her three children. Prior to the pandemic, Imomoh struggled to feed her children on regular basis. As COVID-19, continues to spread throughout Nigeria, Imomoh must fight even harder to gain a source of income for her family. She is requesting assistance to pay rent and purchase groceries to feed her family.

Thanks to generous donations from ETF contributors, this need has been met!

Wunmi has been a faithful disciple in the Lagos Church for 24 years. In 2017, her family suffered a great loss when her husband suddenly passed away in a tragic accident. Her four children suddenly found themselves without a father and their hopes for a bright future seemed impossible without his income. Wunmi, determined and optimistic, set out to create opportunities for her family and fought against all odds to provide what she could. Amid the pandemic, opportunities have become scarce and Wunmi’s family needs help. She is requesting $500 to buy groceries, pay rent, and pay the school fees for her four children. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated!

Franka has been a faithful disciple for 19 years. She is a member of the Ojo-Apapa region of the Lagos Church in Nigeria. Despite the death of her late husband, Franka endured the deprivation she faced and is currently raising her three children as a single mother. With no job prospects, she decided to open a small business in attempt to provide for her family. Her business launched successfully and her hard work and determination was paying off. Then the pandemic occurred and Nigeria suffered greatly. Franka’s business began losing profits and she was no longer able to provide for her three children. At this time, Franka is requesting $500 in financial assistance to feed her family and pay rent for their home.

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