Karol and her Mom

Hello Friends, we are asking for prayers and donations for Karol and her 83-year-old mom while Karol recovers from her stroke. She was denied short term disability due to a prior history of breast cancer and has no form of income until her long-term disability insurance starts in 6 months.

Please read this message from her daughter:

On January 16 my mom woke up to walk her elderly mother’s dog. Upon waking, she recalls feeling some numbness in her left arm but brushed it off as to sleeping funny. She had just recovered from COVID and had spent the last two days back at work. She was anxious to get back to her job as a social worker at Baylor hospital because she knew there were people there that needed her help and that was her calling. Karol is a giver and her relationship with Christ has only deepened that calling over the years. From working as a house cleaner so that she could be there when my sister and I got home from school, to working as a special education assistant, my mom has never stopped thinking about her role in helping others. But as she descended the staircase that Saturday morning, she knew something was not right. She reached out to her good friend Tracy after losing her balance and falling and scraping her knees and elbow and told her that she thought she might be having a stroke. As she waited for her friend Tracy to bring her to the hospital, her symptoms began to worsen quickly and she found herself unable to walk without falling. She quickly called 911 and was taken to Plano Presbyterian hospital by ambulance. At the hospital, her symptoms began to worsen and she could no longer feel the entire left side of her body and her speech became almost intelligible. My sister and I rushed to the hospital and sat with Tracy in our cars, feeling powerless and calling upon God for peace and healing. After running several tests, it was determined that Karol had suffered from a stroke. To make things more difficult, because of her still positive COVID test, no one was allowed to visit her.  Over the phone, I remember her slow and altered speech pleading with my sister and I to “Take... care... Granny.” Even in her own tragedy and pain, she was STILL thinking of others, her own mother.  My mother’s condition stabilized over the next couple of days and she was transferred to the rehabilitation center to begin PT and OT. She has expressed to me and my sister and friends that she knows the road ahead will be hard but she had said in a text to us:

I know this could be so much worse. Being here is awesome as I am surrounded by so many that love me and are praying and want to help. I have the most incredible friends that I would not have made it this far this year. My girls are the best part of me and I know this will shape them for the better. I am thankful to God for all this and so much more. So, on the hard days you can remind me. But know it is never far from my heart the gratitude I have for all of you and for the God that I knows loves me despite any circumstances.

Karol has never stopped giving and has advocated for so many people both professionally and personally, now it is our turn to give back and to take some of the financial stress of recovering from a major accident. She doesn’t want your pity, because she knows God is in control. However, the coming days will bring pain and discouragement and her friend and family want to be able to tell her that for once, “we got this”!  Your help will allow Karol to focus on healing her body and will take some of the financial stress off of her and her family as she is the primary caregiver for her elderly mother.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you aren’t able to give financially, God hears our prayers too! 

Love, Sarah

Ravindra Jadhav was unmarried and was staying with her married brother and his family. Things were normal till she started falling ill due to diabetes. Her sister in-law started grumbling due to Ravindra’s medical expenses and started mistreating her which made Ravindra feel insulted. 

She left her brother’s house and started living on the streets as a beggar. She started staying on the roads near her old house. She used to long to go back home but her brother was not concerned to take her back home.  She used to be fed by her old neighbours, sometimes she used to get sufficient food to eat and sometime not.  Many years she lived her life alone on the street as a beggar. Ravindra had a sorrowful and a lonely life. 

Then one day police saw her begging on the road and they removed her to the beggar’s home. Even in the beggar’s home, Ravindra was not happy because life in the home was challenging, lonely and no proper health and hygiene was available. Only once a month she would get her turn to take bath. She always thought no one loved her.

Ravindra was brought to the Home of HOPE in 2017. In the beginning Ravindra used to be very quiet and discouraged. But when she started to understand the love and the affection at the home, she started to be joyful and giving.  Her life was totally changed. She was happy at the home. She got food fresh food to eat, could take bath daily and she was given proper and clean clothes. Her needs were taken care of by the HOPE staff.

The HOPE staff used the have daily prayer time, with worship songs with all the aunties. They saw that Ravindra used to be very absorbed in singing and had learnt some songs also. There were times that others would not join the prayer time but Ravindra was first to join the prayer. Looking at her faith and heart to worship, some sisters from Virar sector initiated to read the Bible with her. The sisters saw that Ravindra was showing interest in Bible study and that’s when the sisters taught her about Jesus and salvation and on 23rd February 2018, Ravindra was baptized in Jesus. 

Now Ravindra knows that she has a true godly family and a God who protects her and will never leave her. Since that time, she is living a happy life and also shared that happiness with others. Ravindra is very good in serving and make sure others are taken care.

There are many women like Ravindra who need shelter and a loving home. They are deserted by their families to leave alone on the streets. They are lonely and many times stay hungry. These women need a family like the Home for Aged run by HOPE foundation.  HOPE would love to serve and take care of many aunties and women and give them a shelter and a home.

Request: $400

Edith is 16 years old and she has been a disciple of Jesus for one year.
She has grown up in the church and attended childcare from the age of 6 years old. This year she will be in her 4th year of high school. She is a very intelligent girl. Her mother, Brenda, has been a disciple of Jesus for 10 years, she was the first disciple of the International Church of Christ in Malpaisillo.
Her father, Eddy, is not a disciple, and has restricted them from attending church, but both Edith and Brenda continue to love God and have found ways to serve Him and the church.

Art Franklin is a 54-year-old brother in Christ who in 2003 was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. After his diagnosis, he and his family (wife Nora and two boys) moved from Atlanta to Statesboro GA to take care of his elderly Mother-In-Law. In 2014, Art’s condition progressed to where he now requires a wheelchair in order to be mobile. The reason we decided to start a private donation fund for Art is to raise money to acquire a wheelchair accessible van with adaptive controls which he can drive with just the use of his hands. In addition to giving him the freedom to be able to get around, an adaptive controls vehicle would also provide therapy by engaging motor functions and sharpening hand-eye coordination.

Despite the challenges Multiple Sclerosis has thrown at him, Art manages to remain a positive and encouraging inspiration to his family and friends. Art is known and well-loved by many and is a respected member of his community where he has been involved for many years. He grew up playing soccer in Florida and in 1985 he received a scholarship to play at Georgia Southern where he was a four-year Letterman. His talent then led him to play semi-professionally for the Arizona Cotton (USISL). Art has continued to follow his passion for soccer by coaching at Statesboro Highschool. He was also a Coach and Director for the Statesboro United Soccer Club.

Art’s passion for soccer is only surpassed by his love of God and his family. He ALWAYS makes time to serve others and offer friendship to those in need. Those that know him can attest that this selflessness has always been the hallmark of his character. That is why when we learned of this need it was a no-brainer to try to help this man who for so many years has given so much of himself.

We have set a goal of $30,000.00 in order to equip Art with a reliable mode of transportation that will enable him to have the freedom that we so often take for granted. We want to thank you in advance for contributing and for bringing this simple joy into Art’s life. God Bless!

Six-year-old Ryder had a traumatic start. He was injured at birth and diagnosed with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, HIE for short. Later, Ryder was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. When Ryder was eight hours old, he had his first seizure. At 24 hours old, he was transferred down to Joe DiMaggio children’s hospital, and when he got there they hooked him up to all of their machines, and he was in a constant seizure state. It took them three days to get him to come out of it. Ryder was sedated and on a few different medications trying to get the seizures under control. The right cocktail was found, and Ryder did not have any more seizures. When Ryder was discharged from the NICU, he was only on one seizure medication. Ryder’s levels of Keppra has increased over time and has allowed him to remain mostly seizure-free. Today he is a happy and extremely loved little boy. As a six-year-old Ryder receives physical therapy, occupational therapy, neurofeedback, and speech therapy provided through insurance and several therapies that are not covered by insurance. Many of the therapies that can help most him are not covered by insurance, so to give Ryder every opportunity to advance, his family is now trying to raise support for his care.  His family is super grateful for all of the emotional, physical and financial support they have received from family and friends. They could not do this alone. Any amount that could be contributed will be greatly appreciated.

Request: $5,000

I am Trinicris Santos a disciple from ICOC Makati who has a father named Cecilio Santos a disciple from ICOC Taguig. My father has been confined in the ICU since last December 3, 2020 and still there now. He has had three strokes and has suffered through many complications like pneumonia, ulcers and septic shock. Our local church has been incredible helpful and supportive, but we understand that their funds are limited. I am humbly asking for your help to pay for hospital bill expenses and other medical expenses. This is a very difficult situation for me because I am the only child and breadwinner, but due to the pandemic I lost my job (and only source of income) on March 15, 2020.

With the prayers of our brothers and sisters and your support I pray that I will be able to bring my father home for Christmas. The current hospital bill is close to $5,000 (as of December 20, 2020) not including the doctor's fee. The doctors believe that my father can be discharged in the next few days, but hospital requires us to fully settle our bills before discharging the patient.

Your hearts for helping us are greatly appreciated!

Thanks to ETF generous donors,

this need has been met!

Irma is a single mother and has been a faithful disciple for more than 18 years. At the onset of the COVID pandemic, she lost her job and she is currently unable to pay for her food, transport, electricity, or water. Due to her situation, she had to move in with one of her children. Her son, unfortunately, doe not have a steady job at the moment and needs major repairs done to the roof of his home in order to make it livable.

They are requesting assistance to meet their basic needs and repair their roof while they find stable jobs. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Thanks to ETF generous donors,

this need has been met!

Our brother Bismarck works at a farm in his hometown of Malpaisillo, in northwestern Nicaragua with his wife and daughter. 

Bismarck has been suffering from renal failure for about a year now, and this week, three different doctors have expressed concern that if he doesn't get dialysis done within the next few days, his life will be seriously in danger.

The problem is that Bismarck doesn't have any money to pay for the dialysis.  It costs the equivalent of around $1,500.00 to get him set up for it, and another $130 to $150 per session.  Depending on what the nephrologist says, he may need between 1 and 3 sessions per week.

This is an urgent plea to help Bismarck gather the funds to pay for the dialysis that will keep him alive and continue to support his family.

In the midst of dealing with a global pandemic the Philippines has also grappled with a ruthless typhoon season that has caused major damage in the country. Many have lost their loved ones, homes, and belongings leaving them with only the clothes on their back.
Yet even in the face of physical devastation, disciples have held tightly to their faith and continue to find strength in God's love. Our brothers and sisters are in desperate need of assistance during this incredibly challenging time.
Riza is a part of the campus ministry. She lives with her parents who have been very supportive of her decision to become a disciple. During the last few storms a huge tree fell on their home and their roof was badly damaged. She and her family are seeking support repair their damages and purchase groceries during this time of hardship. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Request: $350

In the midst of dealing with a global pandemic the Philippines has also grappled with a ruthless typhoon season that has caused major damage in the country. Many have lost their loved ones, homes, and belongings leaving them with only the clothes on their back.
Yet even in the face of physical devastation, disciples have held tightly to their faith and continue to find strength in God's love. Our brothers and sisters are in desperate need of assistance during this incredibly challenging time.
The Labrador Family is known for their giving attitude and loving hearts. It has been difficult to reach them because of the severe flooding in their area. They are faced with having to rebuild much of their livelihood and currently seek assistance to sustain them during this difficult time.

Request: $350

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