Support for ICOC Families in Mozambique

Especially The Family, in partnership with the Ascend Academy, would like to bring the needs of eight disciple families before you for your consideration. Their local church members have organized themselves carefully and are striving to help these families overcome the economic devastation they are facing.

The church in Mozambique has estimated that the total cost to help these families is $3,900 USD in total, an average of about $488 USD per family. The church benevolence group plans to work with the recipients to help them be successful in their use of these funds. We pray we can rally together to help them and receive some much needed relief.

Thanks for your consideration!   

Educational fund for Rosika and Kevin's tuition and books for one full year.

Amount Requested: $1,520

or a monthly donation of approximately $126.67

Roberlo helps lead one of the churches in Mexico. He earns a modest ministry staff salary and is seeking assistance to help with his mother's critical illness.

Request $500

There are more than 56 baptized members in the Churches of Christ in Vijayawada, Penamaluru, and Nunna, India. The faithfulness of our brothers and sisters in these areas is inspiring as they gather to worship together despite the prosecution that some of them have faced because of their faith. The living conditions that many of them endure are difficult to imagine, but their faith and conviction is unwavering regardless of their circumstances.

The world pandemic has made the situation for those who were already struggling to survive unbearable. This is a very trying time for many in our family of believers in these regions. The Church of Christ is asking for assistance to purchase every day food such as rice, millet, pulses, masala, and oil to help the families in its church with dire needs. Your donation will make a world of difference to these families and are greatly appreciated.

Martin is a disciple who lives in Kampala, Uganda. Martin was one of the three mission team members that planted the Kampala church in 1997. He started a not-for-profit organization in Kampala helping vulnerable children in the community and has started six orphanages in several districts in Uganda. Martin and his wife Flavia and a small team made a trip to Kasese, Uganda, a six-hour drive from Kampala a few weeks ago help start a new church planting. Martin baptized six new disciples during the trip, and there are many more studying the bible. 

COVID rates are very high in Uganda, and Martin and his wife were likely exposed to it during their trip. After Martin became very sick, he was admitted to the ICU when his oxygen levels dropped to 40%. He is currently being treated, and thank God his condition is improving.  Like most people in Uganda, Martin does not have access to health insurance, so all of their medical expenses have to be paid out of pocket and their income forces them to rely on the goodwill of well-wishers. Their current hospital bill is already close to $10,000 and they will need a lot of assistance to pay this off.

Uganda is still under lockdown, and most families are struggling to put food on the table. The brothers and sisters in the region are truly hard pressed and simply are unable to help financially. On behalf of Martin and Flavia, your prayers and donations are greatly appreciated to get Martin back on his feet, helping the poor and spreading the good news!

Jojo England became a disciple more than 30 years ago and was well known in the RGV Church as a servant, creative artist, loving wife, and exceptional mother.

In mid January, Jojo contracted COVID-19 and her health began to spiral quickly. After two months in the hospital, and long battle in the ICU, Jojo passed away on March 3, 2021.

With the support of spiritual family, her husband and children are working to organize her memorial service and funeral and they are asking for financial assistance for the unexpected expenses. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Vadim and Ira became disciples over 25 years ago in Moscow, Russia. They both went into the full time ministry and led the church planting to Rostov on Don, Russia. They served and led the church there until the fall of 2019. Since that time they have had ongoing financial challenges due to the pandemic. Just a few weeks ago, Vadim took a serious fall that broke his leg in 5 places. His employer let him go immediately since he won't be able to work for the next 2 months. They will need to find a way to cover living and medical expenses until he recovers and can find work again. Vadim and Ira are heroes in the faith and have spent decades of service to building the Kingdom of God. Please consider giving a donation to help them find financial relief during this challenging time in their lives.

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

Ravindra Jadhav was unmarried and was staying with her married brother and his family. Things were normal till she started falling ill due to diabetes. Her sister in-law started grumbling due to Ravindra’s medical expenses and started mistreating her which made Ravindra feel insulted. 

She left her brother’s house and started living on the streets as a beggar. She started staying on the roads near her old house. She used to long to go back home but her brother was not concerned to take her back home.  She used to be fed by her old neighbours, sometimes she used to get sufficient food to eat and sometime not.  Many years she lived her life alone on the street as a beggar. Ravindra had a sorrowful and a lonely life. 

Then one day police saw her begging on the road and they removed her to the beggar’s home. Even in the beggar’s home, Ravindra was not happy because life in the home was challenging, lonely and no proper health and hygiene was available. Only once a month she would get her turn to take bath. She always thought no one loved her.

Ravindra was brought to a shelter in 2017. In the beginning Ravindra used to be very quiet and discouraged. But when she started to understand the love and the affection at the home, she started to be joyful and giving.  Her life was totally changed. She was happy at the home. She got food fresh food to eat, could take bath daily and she was given proper and clean clothes. Her needs were taken care of by the staff at the shelter.

The staff used the have daily prayer time, with worship songs with all the aunties. They saw that Ravindra used to be very absorbed in singing and had learnt some songs also. There were times that others would not join the prayer time but Ravindra was first to join the prayer. Looking at her faith and heart to worship, some sisters from Virar sector initiated to read the Bible with her. The sisters saw that Ravindra was showing interest in Bible study and that’s when the sisters taught her about Jesus and salvation and on 23rd February 2018, Ravindra was baptized in Jesus. 

Now Ravindra knows that she has a true godly family and a God who protects her and will never leave her. Since that time, she is living a happy life and also shared that happiness with others. Ravindra is very good in serving and make sure others are taken care of.

Thanks to generous ETF donors,

this need has been met!

Edith is 16 years old and she has been a disciple of Jesus for one year.
She has grown up in the church and attended childcare from the age of 6 years old. This year she will be in her 4th year of high school. She is a very intelligent girl. Her mother, Brenda, has been a disciple of Jesus for 10 years, she was the first disciple of the International Church of Christ in Malpaisillo.
Her father, Eddy, is not a disciple, and has restricted them from attending church, but both Edith and Brenda continue to love God and have found ways to serve Him and the church.

Six-year-old Ryder had a traumatic start. He was injured at birth and diagnosed with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, HIE for short. Later, Ryder was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. When Ryder was eight hours old, he had his first seizure. At 24 hours old, he was transferred down to Joe DiMaggio children’s hospital, and when he got there they hooked him up to all of their machines, and he was in a constant seizure state. It took them three days to get him to come out of it. Ryder was sedated and on a few different medications trying to get the seizures under control. The right cocktail was found, and Ryder did not have any more seizures. When Ryder was discharged from the NICU, he was only on one seizure medication. Ryder’s levels of Keppra has increased over time and has allowed him to remain mostly seizure-free. Today he is a happy and extremely loved little boy. As a six-year-old Ryder receives physical therapy, occupational therapy, neurofeedback, and speech therapy provided through insurance and several therapies that are not covered by insurance. Many of the therapies that can help most him are not covered by insurance, so to give Ryder every opportunity to advance, his family is now trying to raise support for his care.  His family is super grateful for all of the emotional, physical and financial support they have received from family and friends. They could not do this alone. Any amount that could be contributed will be greatly appreciated.

Request: $5,000

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