I was baptized on October 2, 2019, after being I was invited by my daughter Danna. I am writing to you to request for your help. I am appealing to your infinite love and compassion as I thank God for allowing our paths to cross via this organization.

Let me explain a little but about my medical and economic circumstances, and what I am going through at the moment. I was diagnosed with diabetes 18 years ago, which requires that I use insulin and other medications. Due to my illness, I have developed many complications, such as dental and vision issues. My current the lenses are our of date and no longer help, and I have lost 3 teeth.

The income I earn is just barely enough to cover necessary expenses, such as rent, food so I am seeking your assistance to help with these urgent needs. Thank you very much and may God continue to bless your life.

Request: $1,000

Hello, my name is José. I am 47 years old, and I am single with dreams of one day starting a family. When I was born, the doctors had to work hard to revive me because I was not breathing or responding. It is a miracle that I survived and I am happy that I found God in my lifetime and became a disciple. I have been faithful now for 22 years.

When the pandemic started, I was fired from my job due to some preexisting medical conditions, some of which are exasperated by some of the complications of my birth. My employers were simply too afraid the that I would not have the strength to weather the COVID wave. I have faith in God that I will find something soon, but for the time being, I am seeking your support to help ends meet. Thank you so much!

My name is Tariro. I am 41 years old, married, and have three children. My wife and I are members of the Harare International Church of Christ and have been a disciples for the last 14 years.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with a rheumatic heart valve condition which lead me to urgent open heart surgery in India in 2017. I have been getting much better since then and have been diligent in taking my medication. Last month, on my annual doctor checkup, I was told by the doctor that there is a part of my heart that is not pumping blood well and he suspects a coronary artery blockage which can only be picked up by a coronary  angiogram scan to check out if it is a problem or not.

If it is the case, he said he will recommend a solution which he said can be a artery stenting or artery bypass procedure.

The scan, a coronary angiogram, is beyond my reach to afford with what I earn which is an equivalent of $300usd per month. I struggle to even properly feed family and pay rent .The scan costs approximately $1,000 so I ask if anyone can assist I would be very grateful. God bless you all!

Request $1,000

My name is Maryse Louis I have been a disciple for 25 years. I was baptized in Port au Prince and decided to come to Les Cayes as missionary to help the church in this area. I am a faithful follower of Christ because God is my everything. 

I come before you today to ask for help because I am in great need. I am about to lose one of my eyes and I urgently need your help to see a specialist. The cost to see the doctor is $400. I pray that you are able to help with this need.

May God bless you brothers and sisters for helping the elderly like me!

Our brother André Mbondo, a motor bike rider and his wife Therese Mbondo, a floor cleaner  are married with three small children. André is riding a motor bike to be able to provide for the needs of his family. This is an activity currently and widely seen all over Cameroon as a main form of transportation both in urban and rural places. This commercial activity puts food on the table of families as well as as other family needs.

Unfortunately André's motor bike has been damaged over the time since it was a third hand motor bike he bought three years ago to use it in the traffic. As we speak now, he can not work with it for a complete day without attending to a motor bike mechanic to have this or that spare part repaired or replaced. Our brother and his family are starving. It's very challenging to meet some of their basic needs.

The Mbondo family is seeking assistance to buy groceries and meet their family's basic needs while they work on repairing Andre's bike and regain their main form of family income. We thank you in advance!

Request: $1,000

Severe flooding has overwhelmed many areas in Nigeria. In Bayelsa State, more than 700,000 people have been displaced and unfortunately, the situation is worsening.

The Church in Yenagoa, Bayelsa have seen many of our brothers and sisters lose their homes due to flooding. Below is a list of 19 families including nearly 30 children and 30 adults who desperately need assistance during this extremely difficult time.

Request: $10,000

In October of 2000 my wife and I were baptized. We have 5 children and 3 grandchildren and currently our 3 youngest children live with us at home.

Our youngest daughter, Andrea, suffers from epilepsy since the age of 4. Since then she has had several modifications in her diagnosis. Last June, after one of the most serious seizures in her life, she received the latest diagnosis of Lennox Gastaut Syndrome which resulted in an increase in medication

Sadly, the socio-political situation in Nicaragua and Covid-19 have affected our small dining business and sales have dropped considerably along with our family income. We are seeking your help during this very difficult time to pay for our child's medical needs. We thank you in advance!

Request: $1,000

Click Here: Ascend Mission

ETF has chosen to support the Ukraine Relief Network established by the Ascend Mission Fund. Please use the links above and below to go directly to their site.

The Ukraine Relief Network is well aligned with the ETF mission because:

  1. The fund supports our brothers and sisters with urgent needs.
  2. The fund utilizes a network approach that allows support to get not only into the country but to those who are most in need.
  3. 100% of the funds are given too disciples in need.

Thank you for your consideration. Please pray for our ICOC family in Ukraine and the surrounding region.

Click Here: Ascend Mission

Not sure who to support? Let us help you! By choosing this profile you allow a local ETF Coordinator to meet a need that is either very urgent or unsuitable to be posted on a public site (this is actually very common). This option also allows you to receive a personal thank you for your gift informing you how your donation was applied.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated!

Not sure who to support? Let us help you! By choosing this profile you allow a local ETF Coordinator to meet a need that is either very urgent or unsuitable to be posted on a public site (this is actually very common). This option also allows you to receive a personal thank you for your gift informing you how your donation was applied.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated!

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